Repositioning Empty Containers to Jakarta, MSC Commits to Help Indonesian Export

Dhany Novianto, Managing Director of MSC Indonesia

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has simultaneously done and will continue to do repositioning of empty containers to Jakarta, the forty-feet (40ft) ones in particular, in a bid to help fluent flow of export from the country.

Since late September to early this month (October), this global second biggest shipping company in container industry has unloaded thousands of empty containers to Tanjung Priok – the country’s leading gateway in oceangoing trade, Dhany Novianto, MSC Country Director in Indonesia, told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

Dhany named some calls that have unloaded empty containers to Tanjung Priok. Aries Containership unloaded 774x40hc empty containers, MSC Ilona (500x40hc), MSC Astrid (128X40DV + 655X40HC), and MV Langsar unloaded 350x40hc.

MSC would continue to do it, Dhany said. This week, MV Jhu Cheng Xin Zhou will unload as many as 755 boxes (755x40hc).

“MSC commits to continuously help Indonesian export flow,” he said.

As reports have said, container shortage has taken place anywhere in the global trade, including in Indonesia (Jakarta). In addition to the increasing demand and disruption due to the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, Indonesia’s condition is getting extra impact due to containerized trade model. Indonesia faces imbalance trade in the size of the container as most of the imports use 20ft containers, while exports use 40ft.

This is because imports to Indonesia (Jakarta) are mostly heavy goods such as raw materials while exports are light cargoes such as footwear, electronics, apparel, furniture and others that will be more efficient to use 40HC and d45 containers.

Indonesia (Jakarta) lacks of 40HC and d45 containers, the ones needed for export. According to data, until July 2021, Tanjung Priok international throughput reached 2.65 million TEUs, including 1.4 million TEUs import and 1.25 million TEUs export.

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