STID Is An Initial Step, TBS Should Be the Next:  ALFI DKI

Logistics business players positively welcome the adoption of  Single Truck Identity Document (STID) at  Tanjung Priok Port, ​​Jakarta.

The chairman of ALFI DKI Jakarta Adil Karim said, logistics and forwarders  hope that the STID adoption is the first step for the Priok port. In the future, this port is also expected it to implement a digitalized-based truck booking system (TBS) service through the STID data.

“I think this STID is just the initial stage of digitizing trucking services simultaneously with only one card/document at Priok. Because if all the database has been obtained, the direction will be FFB and I also had the opportunity to review the control room at Priok Port,” said Adil Karim, after attending the STID Launching at the Maritime Museum of Tanjung Priok Port, on Wednesday (8/9/2021).

“At least this STID can control logistics trucks that are not suitable for operation because later they will also be connected with related agencies such as the Transportation Agency. We appreciate this as a new face for Tanjung Priok port services,” said Adil Karim.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Aptrindo (Trucking Companies’ Association) DKI Jakarta Sudirman also expressed his appreciation for STID.

“We have been waiting for STID for a long time, and Aptrindo was involved since the beginning of the discussion and preparation. Now in the future it has been arranged and determined that all access or trucking service systems in Priok must be guided by the STID program,” he said.

The STID launching at the Tanjung Priok port was carried out on-site and virtual via the OP Tanjung Priok youtube channel.

The event conveyed invitations to 595 trucking company leaders who are members of the Aptrindo DKI Jakarta, 6 companies that are members of the Special Port Transport Organda (Angsuspel), and 40 companies that are members of the Logindo Club.

Present on the occasion, among others; Head of the Tanjung Priok Port Authority (OP) Wisnu Handoko, Head of Priok Harbour Master Andi Hartono, General Manager of PT Pelindo Tanjung Priok Guna Mulyana, and a number of leaders of the Service Users Association at Priok port.

The acting director-general of sea transportation, represented by the director of navigation, Hengki Angkasawan, officially opened the launch of the Single Truck Identification Data (STID) system for the Tanjung Priok port.

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