CFS Centre Priok Potential for Industry Line Operation

*Wisnu Waskita, Commissioner of PT. Tata Waskita.

As a center for export/import cargo consolidation, the container freight station (CFS) centre of Tanjung Priok Jakarta is very potential to be an industry line operation, according to Wisnu Waskita, Commissioner of PT. Tata Waskita.

Playing as an industry line operation, CFS center can support the process of raw material stock and supply for the industry, the importation of LCL (less than container load) cargoes, in particular.

PT.Tata Waskita is one of national LCL player that has utilized the CFS Center facilities at Tanjung Priok.

Wisnu affirmed that the facility initiated and built by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC remains an effort to improve service transparency in LCL cargo handling, in addition to creating cost efficiency and fastening cargo delivery to/from this Indonesia’s busiest port.

“The facility of CFS centre can be encouraged and optimized to play role as a industry line operation, thus helping the process of raw material stock and supply more efficient and transparent,” Wisnu told the press today (Wednesday, December 19).

Wisnu noted that inefficient service and high cost logistics will impact higher good price the consumers would pay.

According to Wisnu, the port plays key role in controlling the price of goods. As a gateway of economy, a port can help it through an efficient service and lower port cost. The facility of CFS Center, he said, is effective to help the industry with an easy way in the process of stock and supply of raw material.

“I am sorry to say that the current practice in the business of LCL import was unfair, victimizing the industry. The LCL players have taken too much advantage from the business with only handing B/L. On the other hand, the fabrics have to spend a lot of money just to pay for a few cubic of cargoes,” he said.

As an integrated facility under customs authority, Wisnu is optimistic that the container freight station (CFS) in Tanjung Priok that handles 65% of Indonesia’s export/import, is effective to cut national logistics cost.

According to data, the CFS centre Tanjung Priok is able to handle 6,000 – 7,000 LCL documents per month, totaling of cargoes from as many as 1,300 teus (twenty feet equivalent units).

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