Stakeholders Support CFS Center Extension, Expecting to Improve Priok Competitivenes

Business stakeholders appreciate the program of Tanjung Priok container freight station (CFS) centre facilities extension. This program is expected to smoothen importation process of less than container load  (LCL) cargoes, thus finally, helping to create a more efficient logistics business.

Wisnu Waskita, a logistics business practioner and a top executive of logistic company PT Tata Waskita, said that the Tanjung Priok CFS Center facilities will be able to create logistics  efficiency and support Indonesia’s export to be more competitive in global market.

CFS is a cargo station equipped with some supporting facilities like warehouse.  Within the CFS center,  some logistics activities of stuffing and stripping can be done.

A term of less than container load is used to describe the transportation of small ocean freight shipments not requiring the full capacity of an ocean container – usually less than 20 CBM (cubic meters). A freight forwarder may create a consolidation by putting together multiple LCL shipments.

State port operator PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC has just extended the Tanjung Priok CFS Center. IPC included the area of 222X near Gate 9 to become part of CFS Center.

“With this CFS centre facilities, Tanjung Priok will become a one stop and integrated logistic center in which it can efficently handle importation of both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL),” Wisnu told reporters on Monday, June 17.

In addition, Wisnu further said, business stakeholders are now totally support any programs of IPC to improve the port performance. He said the business stakeholders have similar vision and spirit for a better port performance. If this program runs well, the dream to make Priok as a world class port will come true.

Priok CFS Centre, according to Wisnu, will be able to give benefits in business since it adops a single billing, a mechanism that can minimize additional charges.

He also criticizes the existing pratice in LCL business, saying a poor monitoring in LCL business has given too much benefits to foreign agents through their representatives in Indonesia.

Wisnu expects this CFS centre will also help to create business tranparency and a tool to control tariff.

Chairwoman of Indonesia Exporters Association (IEI) Amalia echoes the view, saying there is evidence to say that the Tanjung Priok CFS Centre has supported a cost transparency and a better warehousing services.

Earlier, IPC Operation Director Prasetyadi said that the extension of CFS centre Priok through the inclusion of area and warehouse of 222X is expected to be in operational in July, or at least in August.

The area and warehouse of 222X was earlierly run and operated by private operator, including PT.MKT. The  CFS centre of Tanjung Priok meanwhile is operated by IPC Branch Tanjung Priok.

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