Drone for Port’s Safety and Security

Utilizing drone to increase the safety and security at APM Terminals. Drone is growing rapidly. In the past, drone is considered more of a toys. But with the technological development, drone is evolving. Nowadays, almost all drones are equipped with camera, this enable drone to be used for doing observation from locations that are nearly impossible to reach. Furthermore, with its flying capabilities and agile maneuverability, drone can reach places that are impossible to reach for human. It makes inspection process for those area become easier.

These abilities that drone possess encourage people to use drone to improve safety and security level in ports. Many company that works in port field starting to utilize drone. One of them is APM Terminals. This company started to utilize drone in one of their branch facilities, in San Antonio and Santiago, Chile.

The newest drone operated by APM Terminals is equipped with camera, night-time flight sensors, and also speakers that allows the drone pilot to communicate with people down below. The camera allows drone to record facilities operations, monitoring the traffic and stacking of container in much easier and more efficient ways. It also allows the pilot to observe any personnel who break rules and inform them to not repeat it in a faster way. One of the example is the drone pilot can inform truck driver who left their cabin to return without having to go out there personally and reduce the time needed to remind them. This can be done efficiently because the instalment of speaker in drone allows the pilot to directly communicate their intention.

Having high flying capabilities that’s possessed by drone allows it to do task that would otherwise considered extremely dangerous to be done by people because of the height from the task such as rooftop inspection and crane inspection. The agility of drone allows it to move quickly from one place to another, making it able to cover large area surveillance. It also allows drone to move to high stack container blind spot. It means, drone will reduce the probability of accident or incident happen in the blind spot. With these abilities, utilizing drone will surely increase the safety and security level of field operation.

Drones are also equipped with GPS to allow them to automatically fly along the route set by the pilot. Applying the geofencing feature reduce the probability of drone getting swept by the wind because geofencing feature restrict drone movement by setting digital fence in the GPS system to prevent the drone flew out from the designated area. By utilizing the geofencing and GPS system, the drone pilot can fly the drone to designated location using auto-pilot and the can call field personnel to inform them about the result of drone observation, the pilot can also flew the drone down to utilize the built in speaker to directly communicate their intention

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