Patimban Port a Solution for Priok Congestion

By : Bambang Sabekti, professional in shipping  and maritime industry.

Tanjung Priok as the busiest Port in Indonesia has kept growing its throughput in November. The November volume was higher compared to its previous month (October) and the same month (November) last year. For YTD November 2018, volume for the Port of TJ Priok grew up 11.50% YoY (year on year). On domestic throughput YTD showed a growth, by 10 %, while on monthly basis (month to month/MTM), volume slight increase of 1.5% from October  2018. The international throughput also showed a positive growth by 12% YoY and 1.16% MTM from October 2018.

However the throughput in December is forecasted to decline as there are long holiday for Christmas and New Year. Some International vessels will be omitting the Jakarta Port due to low booking for export. Some import cargoes will have longer  dwell time in end December due to factory will close  and road restriction for trucking in last week of December, but I’m very keen that total throughput in this year in Tanjung Priok  will reach more than 6,7 million teus.

In view of such increasing volume of Tanjong Priok, we need to anticipate the road congestion in port area, particularly when near to closing time for export cargo. Please be noted that 80% of export cargo loaded on week end vessel at all terminals at Tanjong Priok. So, we can see traffic is terrible on Friday and Saturday.

Currently, there’s no issue in term of Port/Terminal capacity to cater throughput grow, but access road to and from terminal/port become the critical issue. And, and in fact, not all terminals have their owned buffer areas to cater the overflow of the trucking during peak time.

Indeed it is not easy job for government to build up new access road around the Port.  From now, we ( all stake holders) should start to plan and anticipate for peak season during Ramadhan/prior Lebaran which will fall on first week of June 2019 (it’s not too long from now). We need to learn from peak season during Ramadhan  last year where congestion happened at  all corner at Tanjung Priok area.  Therefore it is advisable if government to speed up in building up Patimban Port in order to reduce Tanjung Priok traffic. So, the exporters in Karawang, Bandung and Cikampek have an option to ship out their cargo via Patimban.

Ministry of Transportation cq. the Directorate General of Sea Transportation and the Joint Venture Company Contractor signed a Package 2 Contract of the Construction of the Patimban Port at the Ministry of Transportation Head Office on Friday, November 30, 2018. Director General Agus H. Purnomo explained that the Package 2 contract included the construction of breakwaters, seawall construction and the dredging work of Patimban Port. We need to give full support to Patimban Port Project as it is the right plan.

Also, in  line with IPC mission to improve the transshipment volume via Tanjung Priok as hub port, it is advisable for all export from to out-ports (Panjang, Palembang, Makassar etc) to be discharged/ loaded on the same terminal with mother vessel  as currently we are still seeing transshipment cargo  from out port is trucked from domestic terminal to International Terminal. This kind of arrangement will be more costly and make traffic worsen in Tanjung Priok area.

Other concern that need attention is about safety.  Safety for vessel, safety for worker and safety for cargo itself. In order to improve shipping safety, the Ministry of Transportation cq. the Director General of Sea Transportation through the Directorate of Sea and Coast Guard will revise Minister of Transportation Regulation No. KM.02 of 2010 concerning Amendments to the Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. KM.17 of 2000 concerning Guidelines for Handling Hazardous Goods / Goods in Shipping Activities in Indonesia. The process of compiling the Minister of Transportation’s Regulation on Handling of Dangerous Goods on Shipping required by the IMDG-Code includes the requirements for Identification, Classification, Packaging (Marking), Marking, Labeling and Stowage of dangerous goods

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