DRU Delivered the Second Pertamina’s Crude Oil Tanker Papandayan

National leading shipbuilder PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU) today, January 17, again delivered a 17,500 LTWD crude oil tanker at its shipyard in Lampung to the state owned oil company PT Pertamina.

The tanker named Papandayan remained the second crude oil tanker ordered by Pertamina to support raw material supply to its refineries. In August last year (2018), DRU delivered the first 17,500 oil tanker named Panderman to Pertamina.

The production of those tankers by national shipbuilders (DRU) remains a milestone for this country and proves the ability and capability of national resources in building such big and modern tanker.

“We must be proud of this. This is not just telling about the capability of DRU, but further. It tells about the progress of this industry in our country. This is about the nation’s improvement,” commends Gandhi Sriwidodo, Pertamina Director for Logistics, Supply Chain, and Infrastructure (LSCI) to Indonesia Shipping Gazette on the sideline of the tanker delivery ceremony.

In his remark speech for the delivery, DRU President Director Amir Gunawan explained that the Papandayan remains a genuine creation of this country. From the design until construction and finishing, all works, were all tackled by national human resources, without foreigners involvement.

“We dare to say that we are able to build this tanker and we don’t depend on other countries to build them anymore. Our human resources have been capable. The process  of building this tanker proved it. She was totally built by our owned human resources, no foreigner was involved,” Amir said so proudly.

“My high appreciation to all who have been involved from the design until finishing process. They made a history, not only for DRU, but also to the country. They have proven their capability to build this tanker.”

Amir also said appreciation to Pertamina that has trusted DRU in building this vessel.

Support to Government Policy

As a private company running business in maritime sector since 1972, DRU absolutely appreciates and supports the government srategic planning and development for the maritime sector in the last several years.

According to Amir, in view of geographic position and the fact of Indonesia as an archipelagos country, the government high concern in maritime sector is absolutely on track.

As as shipbulding company, Amir said, DRU is ready to build any vessels or tankers in supporting the government program in maritime sector. DRU is also ready to back up any plans of Pertamina to renew or upgrade its fleets.

“DRU has extensive experience in building any kinds of vessels, including tankers. Hopefully, our capacity and capability can support the government maritime program or Pertamina’s programs in oil supply and fuel distribution,” he said.


Pertamina appreciates DRU performance in building the Papandayan and the earlier Panderman, saying though it is little bit delayed, but overall, the construction of both tankers is as what Pertamina expects.

“We say thanks to DRU. We appreciate of its achievement. From the beginning, we trust it since it has these completed facilities and supported by professional human resources,” said Gandhi.

In his remark speech, he explained the use of those tankers, how they will help tasks to the Pertamina’s refineries, and the future needs to tankers of this company to support its activities.

“This tanker will be deployed to supply raw materials, including crude oil to refineries. For Pertamina, the building of this tanker is really crucial to guarantee the stock of fuel for national consumption,” he said.

Currently, he said, Pertamina has more than 200 fleets – 50% of which are self-owned -, to support both fuel distribution and crude supply to refineries. Some of those fleets have been over 20 years old, requiring for rejuvenation and upgrading.

“There will be more works for national shipbuilders since we have plans to do vessels and tankers rejuvenation and upgrading. This is an opportunity for national shipbuilders, including DRU,” he said.

Gandhi explained that there was a good trend of an increasing trust from national companies, including Pertamina, to order new vessels or tankers from national shipbuilders. “So, I suggest, not only to DRU, but to all national shipbuilders, to maximize this opportunity.”

According to data, in the last several years, Pertamina has ordered the building of eight tankers from national shipbuilders, three of which from DRU

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