For Efficient Logistics, Graha Segara & Wira KSO for TPS WMP Digul

In a bid to support efficient logistics, PT Graha Segara and PT Wira Mitra Prima will join operation (KSO) to operate the temporary freight station (TPS) and warehouse at Jln. Digul Koja Tanjung Priok, a zone under clearance of Tanjung Priok Port Customs Authority.

The KSO between the two companies is also meant to support the government program to create efficient logistics activities at this Indonesia’s busiest port.  

The facilities covered by the KSO include TPS yard for relocation of import FCL (full container load) or usually named as ‘overbrengen’ activity and warehouse to handle import cargoes of less than container load (LCL).

“All the facilities, including yards and warehouse are new built with total investment reaching more than Rp20 billion,” PT Graha Segara Director Wildan S Anwar said on the sideline of the launching of KSO at the TPS and Warehouse of Wira Mitra Prima (WMP), on Friday, December 6.

Some VIP guests for the event included representatives from Tanjung Priok Customs (KPU) and Chairman of Indonesia Temporary Freight Stations’ Association (Aptesindo) M.Roy Rayadi.

“At the beginning, this KSO will be effective for five years. The facilities construction, meanwhile, would run in a year,” said Wildan.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Wira Mitra Prima (WMP) Jojo Subagja explained that total area for both TPS and warehouse reaches 6,818 m2, including 5,468 m2 for TPS and 1,350 m2 for warehouse.

“All facilities of TPS and warehouse will run operational activities next week,” said Jojo.

He said, the TPS WMP has been equipped with IT-based digital system, such as auto gate system. In addition, WMP has also implemented TPS online that has been integrated with the systems of Customs Office and the terminals handling export import at Tanjung Priok Port. 

Meanwhile, the warehouses has been equipped with racking system which are all operated by profesional human resources. 

“The TPS capacity reaches around 650 TEUS (twenty foot equivalent unit). The warehouse meanwhile can store more than 2,700 cubic of LCL cargoes,” he said. 

TPS WMP has handed operational permit for TPS through Letter of  No:1095/KPU/01/2019 dated November 18, 2019 and signed by Head of Tanjung Priok Customs Office (KPU) Dwi Teguh Wibowo.

TPS WMP will handle activities of ‘overbrengen’ of import containers from Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), TPK Koja, and New Priok Container-One/NPCT-1.

Aptesindo Chairman M.Roy Rayadi said that all TPS facilities member of Aptesindo will commit to support the government program to create fluent flow of goods, more efficient logiatics activities, and more efficiient handling of export import at the port. 

“We also support the application of digital system at any port and logistics service and activities,” said Roy.

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