IMLOW: Import Plastic Waste A Problem for Priok Ecoport Program

photo 1: Achmad Ridwan Tentowi, IMLOW General Secretary

Indonesia Maritime, Logistics and Transportation Watch (IMLOW) appreciates the initiation of ecoport concept for Tanjung Priok, but notes that the unfinished solution for the case of import plastic waste will halt the realization of the program.

As reported earlier, thousands of containers carrying import plastic waste suspected containing hazardous and toxic substances, were arrested at the port. Up to date, no clear solution has been dealed, though some had been re-exported.

IMLOW General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tentowi said as the biggest Indonesia’s port, it is very reasonable for Tanjung Priok to run ecoport program.

“We appreciate this program very much. But, there are so many works that should be completed,” Ridwan told the press yesterday (Wednesday, November 20).

Ridwan again noted thousands of containers carrying import plastic waste suspected containing hazardous and toxic substances, were still arrested at the port and up to date, no clear solution yet for them.

“How can this ecoport concept since we still have this problem,” he questioned.

Ridwan expects the regulator and related institution at the port should be more responsive to find fast solution. “Those containers are very potential to create polution. So, it calls for immediate action for solution,” he said.

KADIN (Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry), according to Ridwan, has actually recommended to set task force involving any stakeholders to find solution.

Directorate General of Customs earlierly explained that there were 2,041 boxes containing import plastic waste arrested at some ports, including Tanjung Perak Surabaya, Batam, Tanjung Priok, and Tanggerang. As many as 1,024 containers are arrested at Tanjung Priok.

Those containers are originated from several countries, including Australia, Belgium, French, Germany, Greek, Netherland, Slovenia, United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and United Kingdom.

photo 2: Declaration of Tanjung Priok Ecoport Forum

Yesterday, on Wednesday, November 20, all stakeholders of Tanjung Priok jointly declared to apply the ecoport concept at this Indonesia’s busiest port.

Head of Tanjung Priok Port Authority (OP Priok) Capt Hermanta said the declaration of Tanjung Priok Ecoport Forum is the follow up and responsive action to the ecoport concept early initiated by OP Tanjung Priok.

“Ecoport concept has been a model in global ports to support environment protection,” said Hermanta.

Relating those containers that were still arrested at the port, Head of Tanjung Priok Customs Office (KPU Tanjung Priok) Dwi Teguh Wibowo said that they were still waiting for recommedation from Ministry of Environment.

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