IMLOW Urges KLHK to Inspect Import Containers Carrying Plastic Waste

Indonesia Maritime Logistic Transportation Watch (IMLOW) is urging Ministry of Environment (KLHK) to inspect hundreds of import containers suspected carrying plastic waste currently being stored at Tanjung Priok Port, otherwise they would be abandoned by their importers.

Even, some of the containers, according to IMLOW, have been stored at the port for over than 60 days. 

“Longer storage without soon inspection for re-export recommendation will threaten the fluent flow of stevedoring as well as process of receiving and delivery at the terminal. In addition, the longer they (those containers) stay at the port, the higher storage cost the cargo owner will pay. This will create difficulties in the re-export process,” IMLOW General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tentowi told the press this morning (Tuesday, September 11).

Ridwan warned of potential abandon taken by importers if the authorities would not immediately tackle this problem. “We have to take lessons from earlier experience,” he said, adding that those import containers suspected carrying plastics waste would be potentially abandoned by their importers if there was no immediate solution.

“The related authority, in this case KLHK, must soon do inspection and give recommendation weather those containers can be released from the port or must be re-export,” Ridwan said.

According to IMLOW, the entrance of import of containers carrying plastic waste has happened for several times. Many cases were abandoned, in which their importers did not try to release or re-export. The containers then were in the status of no ownership, causing problems for any parties to handle them.

“If those containers are abandoned, it will create harm, disadvantage, and loss to many parties. Who will pay for cost for handling and storage?” Ridwan warned.

Ridwan also warned that the longer storage of containers at the terminal would potenctially disturb process of cargo delivery to/from the port and higher yard occupancy ratio (YOR) at the container terminals and TPS as well. “

Currently, Tanjung Priok Port has five terminals for export/import activities, incluing Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), Terminal Peti Kemas Koja, New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT-1), Terminal Mustika Alam Lestari (MAL), and Terminal 3.

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