2018 seems to be a very good year for IPC. In 2018, 2 branches of IPC was awarded ‘The Best Indonesia Port Company & Services Excellent of The Year’. The awarded branches are Panjang and Palembang branch. The awards were given in ‘Indonesia 50 Best Companies Award’ held by Indonesia Achievement Center. IPC Panjang received the award on November 23rd 2018, whilst IPC Palembang received it on January 11th 2019.

The awarding ceremony on November 23rd 2018 was held at Peninsula Tower, Hotel Jakarta. Moreover, IPC Panjang also received an award from IPC. The award from IPC was given in their national work meeting. IPC Panjang received the award of ‘The Best Performance’.

IPC Panjang also received an award from Ministry of Transportation on September 17th 2018. They received the highest category of Prima Utama for their service in dry bulk terminal and container terminal. The award was given at ‘Indo Trans Expo 2018’.

Continuing the positive trend from IPC Panjang, IPC Palembang also received the same award in January 2019. Taking place in Grand Ballroom 1 Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel, Medan. IPC Palembang was considered to have successfully improve Palembang port.

Under the leadership of their GM, Agus Edi Santoso, IPC Palembang have successfully improve their service. IPC Palembang have started to implement changes towards digital port. They applied the auto gate system, auto tally, online ticketing, and online temporary storage yard. Moreover, IPC Palembang also improve their warehouse, strengthening their docks, re-layouting their multipurpose terminal. They also reorganizing their passenger terminal.

The improvement in services is one of many factors that got them the award. The award was handed by Agus Suryono, the Head of Tourism department of Medan. Because Agus Edi Santoso couldn’t come to the ceremony, IPC Palembang delegate their assistant DGM ‘Rendal dan Kepaduan’, Risdianto Wibowo.

The judging process and method that was used in the award is judging the quality, performance, responsibilities, transparency, and attractiveness. The parameters that were used are such as the availability of innovative product or services, the quality of the management, services adaptability, and moral responsibilities.

The award has become a motivation for IPC Palembang to continuously improve their service level. They want to give high quality services. This goes along with IPC vision, ‘Becoming a World Class Port Manager that Excel in Operation and Services’.

Prior to this, IPC Palembang also received an award from Ministry of Transportation. The award of ‘Excellent Services of Public Service Unit in Transportation Sector 2018’. The category given to IPC Palembang is ‘Prima Pratama’ for the services of Palembang container terminal.

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