MoU EDII And Hakovo: Cross-Border Documents Exchange for Indonesia Customs Clearance Process

(third person from left) EDII President Director, E Helmi Wantono, and (next person) Hakovo CEO, Takayuki Akahodani in the signing of the MoU, at EDII Head Office, Jakarta (23/04).

PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDII), a pioneer company in developing Electronic Data Interchange Services (PDE) in Indonesia, and Hakovo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen cross-border documents exchange into and out of Indonesia.

Customers will experience streamlined and automated regulatory and business-to-business logistics processing for Indonesia customs clearance process. Customers can also gain intelligence on the applicable import duties, taxes, and controls via the future digital connectivity with the Indonesia National Trade Repository (INTR) data reference.

Under the MoU, EDII and Hakovo formed a partnership to jointly offer EDII’s Trade2Gov and HAKOVO SMART CLEAR INDONESIA (ID) to our Customers. The digital offering will transform how overseas exporters and Indonesia importers experience entering goods into Indonesia.

Exporters will have pre-shipment intelligence on the import regulations based on HS Codes. Indonesia importers will have the data necessary for import the next business day after the Export Customs Approval at the Origin Country. This enables Indonesia importers to begin processing import shipment while the vessel is still at sea! This increases efficiencies in the import processing, and more importantly, reduces dwell times at the ports.

This new milestone followed a series of high-level engagements and a proof-of-concept between Indonesia Customs (DJBC), Indonesia National Single Window (INSW), and Hakovo since October 2018.

EDII President Director, E Helmi Wantono, shared, “This is a truly great collaboration with Hakovo in cross-border digital connectivity and data transformation technology. This will improve the new EDII’s Trade2Gov service which continues the long service aimed at Indonesia importers. Hakovo and EDII will provide complete functions that are effective in cross-border services between overseas exporters and Indonesia importers.”

Hakovo CEO, Takayuki Akahodani, added, “We’re honoured to jointly offer Hakovo cross-border digital connectivity and data transformation technology with EDII’s reach to Indonesia importers. EDII is the sole imports processing provider in Indonesia, and their Trade2Gov is web-enabled 24/7 with a number of value-added services. Together, we will digitally connect the world with Indonesia. And our customers will benefit from overall reductions in operations cost and shorter dwell times for their cross-border trade and freight.”

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