Toll Roads Will Be Connected with Industrial Centers, to Ease the Flow of Logistics

Connecting toll roads with strategic areas including seaports, airports, industrial areas, and tourist destinations will be on government’s top priority programs for the next five years. This is expected to encourage and boost local and new economy growth, thus supporting the trade volume and value.

Talking to the press early this week as quoated by, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said that the Ministry will, in the next five years, focus on its projects to connect toll roads with strategic areas, including ports, airports, industrial areas, and tourist destinations.

Basuki remarked that development of the Trans Java toll road will enhance connectivity and further boost the local economy and build new economic centers in Java Island.

“We have lands readied to be developed as new economic centers, such as those in the districts of Ngawi and Nganjuk. It is the ministry’s task to connect the toll road with the industrial areas,” Basuki said.

Development of the Trans Java toll road will not only boost inter-city transportation connectivity but also be integrated with industrial areas and support access to tourist destination areas.

The minister affirmed that development of the Trans Java toll road will also ease the flow of logistics.

“The Trans Java toll road will smooth the flow of logistics. It will reduce logistical costs and cut short the delivery time,” he said.

The Transportation Ministry had earlier highlighted three key factors behind the high national logistics costs currently reaching 24 percent of the gross domestic product.

The three factors are transportation connectivity, inter-mode transportation cost, and inventory cost, head of the ministry’s research and development agency Sugihardjo stated.

According to Sugihardjo, Indonesia continues to lag behind its neighboring nations in terms of infrastructure development.

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