Transporindo Operates PLB for Finished Goods

photo: Achmad Ridwan TE, President Director of PT Transporindo Lima Perkasa (right person)

PT. Transporindo Lima Perkasa has been introduced as an operator of bonded logistics center (PLB) for finished goods. It means that Transporindo’s facility is probable for handling storage of finished goods which is still under customs authority.

The Transporindo’s PLB facility officially started operation since May 2, 2019, after the related authoriry did inspection to its location and following the isuance of  Decree from Ministry of Finance through Letter No.110/KM.4/WBC.08/2019 on Appointment of Location as Bonded Logistic Center and Approval for PT Transporindo Lima Perkasa as operator of the PLB.

President Director of PT Transporindo Lima Perkasa Achmad Ridwan TE said that as a PLB operator, Transporindo has equipped with some facilities. Those facilities are both to meet standard of a PLB and to provide best service to customers.

The facilities that Transporindo has prepared for this PLB include a cast floor 7,000 meter square (m2) storage yard and a 3,000 m2 warehouse as well as some equipments of one unit of 45-ton Reach Stacker, two units of 2.5-ton Forklift, and six units of Hands Forklift.

In addition, there are some offices of related institutions, including Customs Office, importer representative offices, 70  boxes of cold containers for alchohol and ethil drinks (MMEA), two units of reefer containers, full AC room for excise taping with total area of ± 500 m2, and two units of Genset 100 KVA.

Transporindo PLB facility is also completed with fire extinguisher and one unit fire truck. For security, this PLB  security system is ready for 24 hours and is supported with online CCTV at 16 points that can be monitored from Customs Office, and also PLB module.  In addition, installation of online inventory control integrated with financial reporting system,  QR Code labling for goods identification, as well all risk insurance have been ready.

“At this time, as a PLB for finished goods, PT. Transporindo Lima Perkasa is now handling storage of MMEA (alchoholic and ethil drinks) both from import and from removal from other PLB, but we are open for other  type of finished goods,” Ridwan told Indonesia Shipping Gazette on Wednesday, June 26.

He said, in line with the principle of self assessment applied by Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) in operating and running PLB, PT. Transporindo Lima Perkasa will always keep the trust from DJBC. “We will keep the trust to protect those goods from any risk, from thef and damage,” he said.

With its strategic location in Marunda, PT. Transporindo Lima Perkasa expects all customers to utilize this PLB optimally, thus helping to cut logistics cost.

“The goods stored at PLB will be free from progressive tariff and container demurrage, two kind of tariffs that usually burden importers,” he said.

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