Airin Logistik Conducted Covid-19 Rapid Test

In cooperation with General Secretariat of National Defence Council (WANTANNAS) and RSPAD Hospital, logistics company PT Indonesian Air & Marine Supply (Airin Logistik) today, April 16, conducted a Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) rapid test for all boards of commissioners and directors as well as all staffs in a bid to prevent probable spread of this covid-19.

Airin Logistik is a state-owned enterprises (SOEs)’ subsidiary running business in container depo and warehousing at Tanjung Priok Port Jakarta and logistics bonded facility in Cikampek. In addition, this subsidiary of state-owned shipbuilder Dok Koja Bahari is also running business as wharf operator for owned business at Kabil Port Batam, in a bid to support fluent flow of goods and for efficient national logistics.

Commending this activity, PT Airin Logistik President Director Rudolf Valintino Bey said this rapid test is one of the corporate efforts to prevent probable spread of covid-19, a virus outbreak that the world health organization (WHO) has concluded as pandemic.

Rudolf explained the process of the cooperation. He said, on April 14, 2020, General Secretary of Wantannas Laksdya TNI Ir. Achmad Djamaludin, M.A.P sent a letter to RSPAD Hospital asking for medical staff to support the rapid test of covid-19 within the work zone of PT Airin Logistik.

Through its letter No: 06/IMS-B/IV/2020, dated April 15, Airin Logistik Direction Board has also announced the activity. The rapid test process and procedure would follow the health protocols both issued by the government and WHO.

The General Secretary of Wantannas is also vice chairman of National Task Force of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

“The realization of this program (rapid test) at PT Airin Logistik is also due to supports from General Secretary of Wantannas and RSPAD Hospital,” Rudolf, who is also vice chairman of temporary freight stations’ Association Aptesindo, said, adding that as many as 101 participants took this rapid test.

Wantannas Deputy for Politics and Strategy Affairs Irjen Pol Edi Mulyono witnessed this this on behalf of Wantannas General Secretary Laksdya TNI Ir. Achmad Djamaludin M.A.P.

Irjen Pol Edi Mulyono explained that this rapid test at PT Airin Logistik was supported by one doctor and five medical expert from RSPAD Hospital.

Echoing Rudolf view, Edi said that this activity is an effort to stop the probable spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, around the work zone of PT Airin Logistik in particular.

Edi said that Wantannas and PT Airin Logistik has been building a closed relationship for a long time. “Now, here we are. We are joining to support the government program to stop the spread of this pandemic (Covid-19),” he said.

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