Expanding Logistics Business, Airin to Optimize IKI Assets of Land in Makassar, Bitung

Leading logistics company PT Indonesian Air & Marine Supply (Airin Logistik) is continuing to ‘spread its business wings’, following its joint operation (KSO) agreement with PT Industri Kapal Indonesia (IKI) on optimizing IKI’s assets of land in Makassar (South Sulawesi) and Bitung (North Sulawesi) for logistics activities.

Airin Logistics and IKI signed the KSO agreement on Friday, June 12, 2020, in Gresik, East Java. The document was directly signed by top leaders of both parties, President Director of PT IKI Edy Widarto and President Director of PT Indonesian Air & Marine Supply (Airin Logistik) M Rudolf Valintino Bey.

PT IKI is a state-owned enterprise (SOE) running business in shipbuilding, ship repair & maintenance, and some floating equipment. IKI has some area of land that have not been utilized yet, including the ones in Makassar and Bitung. In a bid to create added values, IKI means to optimize those lands utilization, including through cooperation framework with other SOEs.

Cooperation with PT Indonesia Air & Marine Supply (Arin) is done under the framework of synergy among SOEs, since Airin is a subsidiary of a SOE. PT Airin is a subsidiary of PT Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (DKB), a state-owned shipbuilder and dock. Airin meanwhile, is running business in logistics, especially operating the container freight station.

This KSO assignment also remains a realization of program of synergy among SOEs in a bid to make business more efficient and to encourage the national economy growth.

The KSO assignment was virtually witnessed by President Director of PT Barata Fajar Harry, who is also Chairman of Manufacturing Industry Cluster, President Director of parent company PT DKB (cluster member) Wahyu Suparyono, President Director of PT. INKA (member) Budi Novi, President Director of PT Dok Perkapalan Surabaya/DPS (member) and President Director of PT Boma Bisma Indra/BBI (member of cluster).

For Logistics Activities

According to the KSO agreement document, PT Airin Logistik can optimize and utilize the assets of PT IKI for logistics activities, warehousing, and any port related businesses.

This KSO agreement is actually the follow up of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT IKI and PT DKB as parent company of PT Airin on June 10, 2020. This MoU actually stands as ‘legal umbrella’ for this KSO.

With this KSO, PT Airin Logistik can optimize and utilize the lands of PT IKI, both the one of 103,972 square meter located at Kaluku Bodoa Village, Tallo-Kota District, Makassar, and the other one of 22,855 square meter at Pateten Dua Village, Aertembaga District, Bitung, for logistics activities, warehousing, and any port related businesses.

Commending this, M Rudolf Valintino Bey explained that this KSO so called ‘KSO IKI-AIRIN’ is a non-administrative cooperation and not incorporated. However, the KSO is still obliged to report both monthly and yearly financial statement that will be audited by public auditor in every year.

“The effective period of this KSO will be set up in considering the activities and the investment needed for it,” said Rudolf.

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