Don’t Raise Port Tariff during ‘New Normal’: IMLOW

Port watchers and users are warning the port operators of not raising the port tariff during the period of new normal. However, all port services must be provided as usual while taking concerns on the covid-19 protocols.

Talking to press this morning, General Secretary of Indonesia Maritime, Transportation and Logistic Watch (IMLOW) Akhmad Ridwan Tento reminded some key points that should be taken into account within the sectors of ports, logistics, and transportation during the new normal.

He noted at least five points that the port operators should concern with. First, the port operator should not raise the port tariff during the new normal period.

Second, all port services must be open non-stop in 24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7), thus guaranteeing a continuing process of cargo and container.

Third, optimize the digital system overall aspects of port and sea transportation service and activities, including 100% adoption of electronic delivery order (e-DO) or DO online.

“All port users are expected to be educated to apply and use the electronic system,” Ridwan said.

Fourth, actively support the domestic logistics distribution since domestic market is very potential for the logistics industry. “Indonesia population reaches 270 million. This is a big market. The drop in export import has hit the logistics and transportation business players. Optimizing the domestic market will help the logistics and transportation business players,” said Ridwan.

Hence, he expected port operator to support fluent flow of domestic distribution.

Fifth, port authority (OP) and harbour master are expected to directly monitor any port activities to make sure all loading/unloading activities as well as delivery activities run as expected.

As the report said, the government is now preparing new scheme for ‘new normal’ period within the outbreak of coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. This is to make the economy activities start to run after most of economy sectors stopped operation for more than two months due to the pandemic.

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