LCS Application to Make Sure ‘Sea Toll’ Is Running During ‘New Normal’

Application of logistic communication system (LCS) is expected to make sure that the government programs of ‘sea toll’ (Tol Laut) is running, thus supporting a fluent and stable distribution of cargo and logistics throughout the country, a top executive from the Directorate General of Sea Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation has said.

Developed by this country’s leading telecommunication company PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), the LCS is a system in which users can access the ship schedule information, vessel tracking position, container availability, shipping orders, manifests and shipping costs, cargo shipping statistics, up to the information on goods’ selling price.

“The economy activity must move, while business players can continue to run their businesses. Hence, the government must be present to facilitate this,” Director of Traffic and Sea Transportation Capt. Wisnu Handoko said in a statement on Sunday as quoted by antara.

In addition, the cargo data with LCS will be tightened so as to eliminate SOP deviations from the operation of the sea toll program.

“Therefore, the implementation of the SOP on shipping goods will be tightened by registering in accordance with the electronic identity card (e-KTP) and tax identification numbers (NPWP),” he said.

Further, he said, this application would facilitate the business process of ordering, shipping containers, transparency in standardizing logistics costs and disparity in prices of essential and important goods.

“In the future, it will not only eliminate physical contact, but can also stimulate healthy competition because businesses will monitor each other’s prices. Businesses must upload their respective service fees,” he explained.

The Ministry of Transportation hopes that during the ‘new normal’, the sea toll facilities can be utilized and optimized by cargo owners for their distribution and delivery, while on the other hand, it can help the fulfil the needs and consumption of local people all over the country.

“We appreciate several regional heads who have proven their commitment to send regional production, such as Morotai, Bitung, Tahuna, and Saumlaki” Wisnu said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, special cargo ships and sea transport vessels were still permitted to operate by implementing the health protocols for handling COVID-19.

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