Expanding Network, LODI Builds Partnership with DB Schenker Indonesia

LODI (PT Inti Digital Logistik) has just signed a partnership with PT Schenker Petrolog Utama in providing specialized e-commerce fulfilment. The partnership allows e-commerce warehousing services to LODI’s e-commerce customers at DB Schenker’s shared user facility in the 10,500 sqm Marunda warehouse.

LODI is a technology-based logistic company providing solutions for fulfilment and delivery requirements while PT Schenker Petrolog Utama is DB Schenker’s representative in Indonesia that has more than 40 years-experience in freight forwarding and logistics in the country.

This makes PT Schenker Petrolog Utama as the first multinational partner for LODI, where previously LODI has several partnerships with local logistics player and couriers.

The partnership brings together two leading players in the Indonesian logistics market: LODI, a digital player with a strong base of e-commerce customers and, and DB Schenker, a leader in supply chain management and logistics solutions with a strong footprint in Indonesia and Asia Pacific and with operations in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Through the partnership, e-commerce customers can expect a fully integrated e-commerce and warehousing solution. Using LODI’s proprietary technology, warehouse management system and business process, merging with PT Schenker Petrolog Utama operational capabilities, e-commerce partners will be able to enjoy better and faster services to help them grow.

Dina Effendy, Chief Commercial Officer of LODI, is very pleased with this partnership saying, “We are proud to grow our network, customer base and we will continue to build into the future.”

LODI, he said, will continue to build partnership and expand business coverage. “Beyond fulfilment services in Jakarta, we have ambitions to provide more tech-based logistics solutions to other cities to support digital economic growth through e-commerce business fulfilment and last-mile delivery through continuous development in partnerships and technology,” he said further.

Victor Lim, PT Schenker Petrolog Utama’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are very pleased with our partnership. LODI is a strong digital logistics partner and they are the right partner for us to support the growing segment of e-commerce customers through our warehouse operation.”

“Together we can provide a successful e-fulfillment solution to our customers allowing them to meet core business requirements, such as increased speed to market and optimized inventories,” Victor further said.

Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, Chairman of Indonesian Logistics & Freight Forwarding Association (ILFA) says appreciation with the partnership of these two logistics companies.

He is very confident with the future e-commerce fulfilment service in the country, saying Indonesia has very promising market. “The market is so promising,” Yukki who is also the Chairman of LODI (PT Inti Digital Logistik) said.

Yukki strongly supports and happily endorsed the partnership by attending the ceremonial this morning (Tuesday, February 4).

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