IPC Expected to Execute NPCT2 & NPCT3 Projects, rather than CBL Waterway

Photo: New Priok designed plan

 State port operator PT Pelindo II/IPC is urged to execute the construction of New Priok Container Terminal 2 (NPCT2) and New Priok Container Terminal 3 (NPCT3), rather than investing on the development of Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL) Waterway.

In view of business investment, NPCT2 & NPCT3 is more feasible, while CBL Waterway gives uncertainty in aspect of return on investment and is unable to tackle the problem of congestion and high dwelling time at Tanjung Priok Port, according to Harijanto, Executive Director of Himpunan Masyarakat Maritim, a maritime community concerns with maritime issues.

“Business players are sceptical and doubtful with this waterway project. It is unpromising that this waterway can be an answer to tackle the problem of high dwelling time at the port and heavy congestion on access to and from the port,” Harijanto told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

Harianto also questioned the feasibility of its return on investment of this project. “Before spending much cash to do investment, it is good to make sure the aspect of its return on investment,” he said.

He noted some obstacles and challenges the IPC would face in running this project, including problems of spatial plan and the operational of Patimban that potentially reduces cargoes between Priok with Cikarang and Bekasi.

Tackling the problem of congestion between Priok and its hinterlands can be done through acceleration of the Cibitung – Cilincing toll access in which IPC has been involved. Up to now, the toll has been 61.24% completed.

Hence, Harianto is urging IPC to take focus on executing the construction of CT2 and CT3 of the New Priok (NPCT2 and NPCT3). “In view of business these projects are much more feasible,” he said.

As reported earlier, both NPCT terminals and CBL Waterway are included in the IPC investment plan.

The first phase of the project (NPCT1) with capacity of 1.5 million TEUs was completed in 2016, while the NPCT1, NPCT3, as well as product terminals have not started their development yet. Initially, IPC planned to complete the construction of NPCT 2 and 3 in 2019.

When the construction of NPCT 2 and 3 is completed, he predicts that the total capacity of the three terminals will reach 4.5 million TEUs or around 75% of Tanjung Priok Port capacity. The three terminals are built with an investment of Rp14.5 trillion.

NPCT-1, 2, and 3 are a part of Kalibaru Terminal project phase one. The other parts are two product terminals. When the first phase begins operation, the construction will continue to the second phase. When all New Priok projects are completed, there will be seven container and product terminals.

Meanwhile, the Inland Waterways/CBL development will utilize the river canal route as an alternative logistics transportation. This will connect the off-the-road area in Tanjung Priok Seaport with the hinterland area. According to the IPC plan, in phase 1, the canal transportation system will utilize the existing canal developed by Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, which is Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL) through Marunda, North Jakarta.

In phase 2, PT Pelindo II plans to add the canal route from Tanjung Priok to Cikampek where the canal will connect the logistics stream from Tanjung Priok to the Cibitung-Cikarang industrial area in Bekasi as well as in Cikampek, Karawang.

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