JAI New Regime Tasked to Execute Four Key Points

The newly appointed direction board of PT Jasa Armada Indonesia (JAI) Tbk – IPC Marine, is tasked to execute the four key points, in a bid to improve the corporate performance. 

All the four points that should be implemented and executed call for high concern, good governance, planning matters, and development, JAI Commisioner Board has said. 

PT Jasa Armada Indonesia, Tbk (“JAI”) or IPC Marine, engaged in Pilotage and Towage services, is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) (Pelindo II or “IPC”).

On his remark speech for the ceremony of transfer of duties from former JAI President Director Dawam Atmosudiro to newly appointed Chiefy K. Adi, on Friday, October 25,  at Discovery Hotel, JAI President Commisioner Dani Rusli Utama highlighted the four points. 

He said, the newly appointed direction board is tasked to focus on, first, maintain and sustain any achievements of former direction board. Second, complete and optimize the works that have been running but yet completed. Third, execute any programs that have been planned, and four, do new and further development. 

“The key words are doing execution and implementation,” Dani said, noted that former regime under Dawam Atmosudiro has actually created many milestones for PT JAI, including to make this IPC subsidiary to go public (IPO). “But, of course, we expect for further growth.”

Dani, who is now the IPC Engineering Director, appreciates any JAI milestones and achievements during Dawam’s regime, but admitted that there are some programs that have not been realized yet.  

As reported earlier, Dawam’s regime has actually initiated some expansion programs, including do works of pilotage and towage outside its group work areas. Some of them have been running, but some are not realized yet. 

He apprecites very much for any prestation and achievement during Dawam led the corporate for more than seven years. 

“Pak Dawam is our senior and mentor. He has shown very good examples both for life and managing a task. He is a fast learner, thus can fastly tackling any jobs in any places and any departments. He is also a problem solver. We learn many from him,” Dany says his farwell testimony for Dawam. 

The newly appointed JAI President Director Chiefy Adi K also appreciates and says thanks to Dawam and his direction boards. He appreciates any achievements during the former regime and commits to continue any programs that has been running and do development to the new market as expected by the shareholders. 

Chiefy is optimistic with the support of new direction boards and all JAI staff, the four points recalled by the shareholders can be realized. 

The recently shareholders meeting has just appointed Chiefy as the JAI President Director and some direction board members of Commercial and Operation Director Herman Susilo, Fleet and Engineering Director Capt Supardi, and Finance and HRD Director Rizki Pribadi Hasan.

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