IPC Marine Enjoyed an over 10% Production Increase from Pilotage and Towage Services

Photo: IPCM President Director Chiefy K. Adi


Public listed company PT Jasa Armada Indonesia Tbk (IPCM), well-known as IPC Marine, enjoyed an over 10% production from its pilotage and towage in January-February 2020, thanks to high contribution from its business of TUKS and TERSUS.

PT Jasa Armada Indonesia, Tbk (“JAI”) or IPC Marine, engaged in Pilotage and Towage services, is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) (Pelindo II or “IPC”), the primary and largest port management group in Indonesia (Pelindo II or “IPC”), backed by the biggest economy in ASEAN.

Speaking to Indonesia Shipping Gazette this morning, IPCM President Director Chiefy K. Adi explained that the increasing production of its pilotage and towage services at the terminal for owned business (TUKS) and special/dedicated terminals (TERSUS) had significantly helped the company’s total production growth.

“They have provided significant contribution, resulting in our production increase by over 10% year on year, from the same period last year,” he said.

Chiefy named those TERSUS, including TERSUS Nusantara Regas and STS (Ship to Ship) Ambang Luar Sungai Musi. He said the production of pilotage at the TERSUS reached 8.7 million GT hours, a 362% increase from 2.4 million GT hours in the same period last year. The towage production totalling of general ports, TUKS, and TERSUS, meanwhile, reached 229.7 million GT hours, a 110% increase from the same period last year which was accounted to 208.7 million GT hours.

In view of its ports of origin and destination, Cheify explained that the realization of production from international services reached 119.62 million GT hours, a 17% increase from the same period last year. And the domestic production reached 110.08 million GT hours, a 4% increase year on year.

Anticipating Drop from Covid-19 Spread

PT JAI Tbk continues to anticipate probable drop of ship calls in the next several months due to coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak.

In addition to protect the safety of pilotage and towage crews from probable spread, Chiefy also explained that the company will take some key strategies to anticipate the company from the effect of the outbreak to the business aspects.

He said, one of the strategies is doing business efficiency and effectiveness. “Any costs that seem to “nice to have” only will be cut. We will maintain business continuity management (BCM) and periodically maintain the production vehicles of pilot boats. This is to optimize our financial performance,” said Chiefy.

In addition, the company will continue to expand cooperation with some TERSUS and TUKS. “As we have released earlier, IPCM has signed three years (2020-2023) contract with PT Nusantara Regas (2020-2023). We handle more than 40 LNG ship calls in a year,” Chiefy explained.

This contract remained an extension of its long-standing contract which started since 2017, giving a business guarantee for IPCM and proving the trust from NR to IPCM service in pilotage and towage. “Through this cooperation, IPCM supports the national supply of energy and electricity,” Chiefy noted.

In view of the company’s income, business at TUKS and TERSUS has also provided high contribution. Until February this year, pilotage and towage activities at TUKS and TERSUS contributed 26% of the total IPCM income.

IPCM has expanded services to TUKS and TERSUS at several regions in Indonesia, including in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Central Java, West Java, East Java, and DKI Jakarta itself.

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