IPC Car Terminal Enjoyed a 37.97% Volume Increase Last Year

IPC car terminal PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) enjoyed a 37.97% volume increase of Complete Built Up (CBU) vehicles last year, to 581,272 units, from 421,288 units in 2018, the company said as reported by Kontan.

This is a total of export import and domestic distribution. According to the corporate, total export along the year reached 330,788 units, up 27.55% year on year, from 259,330 units in 2018.

On the other hand, import was down by 6%, from 81,171 units in 2018 to 75,731 units in 2019.

The domestic distribution meanwhile experienced a fantastic growth, by 116.31% to 174,753 units, from 80,787 units.

The throughput increase of this Indonesia’s leading car terminal was in line the increase of national automotive industry export. According to Indonesian Motorized Vehicle Industry (Gaikindo), Indonesia automotive industry (car maker) enjoyed a 25% increase in export of Complete Built Up (CBU) last year, from 264,553 units (2018) to 332,023 units (2019).

Gaikindo said the number was total of nine car makers including the new comers of Wuling and DFSK.

Daihatsu manufacturers, which produce cars for Daihatsu and Toyota, became the biggest exporter with 212,432 CBU units combined.

Gaikindo breaks contribution of each producer for CBU export in 2019 as follows : Daihatsu (123,227 units), Toyota (89,205 units), Mitsubishi (64,714 units), Suzuki (39,613 units), Honda (6,847 units), Hyundai (3,241 units), Hino (2,696 units), Wuling (2,310 units), and DFSK (170 units).

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