Standing against Covid-19 Spread and Care with Mostly Affected Community, IPC TPK Runs These Programs

IPC Container Terminal (PT IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK) commits to stand against the spread of coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak and continues to take care to the those who are economically affected by this pandemic at the most.

IPC TPK commitment and care are realized in the program of distribution some personal protection equipment (PPE) of masks and delivery of food packages to low-income people around the port.

IPC TPK is a subsidiary of state port operator PT Pelindo II/IPC taking focus on containerized cargo handling. As a corporate, through its CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs, IPC TPK always cares with the surrounding community, especially during this hard time of coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, the policy of large-scale social distancing (PSBB) has halted most of the economy activities, causing low income people lost their income sources.

“Here we are. We care with surrounding community, within this hard situation in particular. Our CSR programs are present with the community, within this hard time in particular,” commends Mohammad Adji, PT IPC TPK President Director.

Adji noted that IPC TPK absolutely supports any efforts to stop this pandemic from further spread including through these programs of CSR and social and religious institution Maziska (Majelis Amil Infaq Shodaqoh).

Furthermore, the country has massively stood against this pandemic while the government has stated as a national disaster. “Hopefully, our country will soon free from this pandemic,” Adji said.

Amid this covid-19 outbreak, IPC TPK has continuously distributed both protection equipment of masks and food packages to the low-income community mostly getting affect as well as provision of medical personal protection equipment (PPE) to some hospitals.

As many as 3,300 foods packages have been delivered to the community around the port, especially port dockers (TKBM), cleaning service, and security during this pandemic period.

And to prevent the spread of this covid-19, IPC TPK has also delivered 5,539 non-medical masks to the community at Cilincing, Tanjung Priok and port cleaning service and security as well.

In addition, IPC TPK has actively involved in the joint activities of its parent company IPC. In cooperation with Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association (ALFI/ILFA), as member of IPC Group, IPC TPK participated in the distribution of masks to truck drivers at the Tanjung Priok Port.

IPC TPK has also actively participated in the provision of 10,550 items of medical equipment to three hospitals of Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan Jakarta, Rumah Sakit PMC, and Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan Palembang.

Those medical equipment include Hazmat PPE, medical mask Earloop, medical mask Headloop, Handscone, Safety Boot, Google Eyeglasses, and Face Shield.

One of the beneficiaries of the IPC TPK CSR, the Al Kahfi Foundation, in North Jakarta, appreciated this care program.

“Thanks a lot to IPC TPK management who help the orphanage, our (Al Kahfi Foundation)  foster children,” said Joko Riyanto, a boarding supervisor of Al Kahfi Foundation.

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