ASBUPI Care Program: Delivering 10,000 Masks to Port Community, Low-Income People

Port Operators’ Association (ASBUPI) distributed as many as 10,000 masks to the port community around Tanjung Priok Port Jakarta, as part of its care program to prevent further spread of coronavirus (covid-19).

The symbolic delivery of those masks was done on Wednesday, April 29, at Passenger Terminal of Tanjung Priok Port.

This activity was done in cooperation with Tanjung Priok Harbourmaster, Tanjung Priok Port Authority, Port Police Office (Polres), and Indonesia Maritime Journalist Forum (Forum Wartawan Maritim Indonesia/Forwami).

The beneficiaries of this program include:  port workers (dockers), vessel crews, truck drivers, motorcycle-taxi drivers (Ojol), office boys and cleaning services of offices around the port, street vendors, the community around the port, and some other low-income people in the capital city of Jakarta.

“As an association of BUP (port operators), ASBUPI cares with the community. Through its CSR (corporate responsibility), ASBUPI takes some programs giving direct benefits to the community. And what is the most important is that those programs are given sustainably and comprehensively to the real beneficiaries,” ASBUPI General Secretary Chiefy Adi K explained the reasons behind this 10,000 masks delivery program.

“With the tagline of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “Care, Love, Charity”, ASBUPI Delivering 10,000 Masks Program, we want to help the community from the covid-19 spread,” Chiefy said further.

On his remark speech, ASBUPI Chairman Dede Martin explained that this care program proved ASBUPI commitment to support the government program to stop the further spread of this pandemic while on the other hand, many port workers and the community around the port are of low income people, having little access to get masks.

“ASBUPI commits to help low income people. In addition, these masks are also made by UKM (medium-scale business),” he said, adding that this activity gave double impact, both to the beneficiaries and the mask producers.

The delivery was witnessed by Tanjung Priok Harbourmaster Capt. Hermanta, Head of Tanjung Priok Port Authority Jece Julita Piris, Tanjung Priok General Manager Priok Suparjo, Head of Tanjung Priok Port Police AKBP Kurniawan Tandi Rongre, and some institutions around the port.

On his remark speech, Hermanta appreciated this ASBUPI’s care program. “Hopefully, these masks will help those who need them, the low-income people around this port in particular.

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