Issue on Vessel Crew Infected with Covid-19 Is Not True: Indonesia Official

Indonesia Directorate General of Sea Transportation denied the issue saying that one of vessel crew berthing at Jakarta International Container Terminal has been infected with covid-19 (coronavirus).

In its official statement released on Friday afternoon (March 6), the directorate general said: “the information saying that one of vessel crew of CMA CGM Virginia infected with covid-19 IS NOT TRUE.”

Earlier, false information spread via some social media, saying a Ukraine vessel crew from CMA CGM Virginia had been infected with covid-19.

“Once again, IT IS NOT TRUE. All crews of this vessel berthing at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) have been checked according to the procedure. All of them are free from suspect,” the statement said further.

CMA CGM Indonesia also released its clarification, saying the true version and clarification.

CMA CGM clarification said: “The Master who went onboard CMA CGM Virginia that docked at the Jakarta International Container Terminal today felt unwell and asked to consult a doctor ashore. In accordance with the current standard operating procedures, permission was obtained from the Quarantine authority for the Master to go ashore for medical consultation. Following a thorough check at a hospital, the Master was tested negative for COVID-19 and certified well to be home. Our procedures to handle such incidents are well documented and we remain fully vigilant and in full compliance to the measures we have adopted.”

Management of Jakarta International Container Terminal explained that the operational of the terminal was running normal.

“Clarification relating the issue has been released by official parties of Indonesia Government. It did not disturb our operational. All run normal,” JICT Vice President Director Riza Erivan told the press.

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