NEX Logistics Indonesia Receives Halal Certification for Bekasi Logistics Center

PT NEX Logistics Indonesia (NEX Logistics Indonesia), a subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. in July 2020 received halal certification from the Indonesia Ulama Council’s Food, Medicines and Cosmetics Assessment Agency (LLPOM-MUI), Indonesia’s halal certifying body, for its Bekasi Logistics Center on the Gobel Industrial Estate.

The Bekasi Logistics Center follows the Deltamas Logistics Center to become the second NEX Logistics Indonesia location to receive halal certification.

With Muslims making up approximately 90% of Indonesia’s population of 260 million, a law went into effect in October 2019 requiring halal certification for all food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products produced or distributed within Indonesia. Companies doing business in Indonesia have subsequently shown heightened interest in halal certification.

Further expansion of the halal market is anticipated as a consequence of rising consumer demand driven by economic development and population growth, and this should boost demand for warehouse storage of halal products.

The recently certified Bekasi Logistics Center has been fully outfitted with frozen, refrigerated, and room-temperature spaces within the warehouse to enable the storage of halal products at all temperature ranges.

NEX Logistics Indonesia is one of three Nippon Express Group companies to have obtained halal certification in Indonesia, enabling the Group to provide comprehensive halal logistics services from air/ocean cargo forwarding to warehouse storage and delivery.

With interest in halal products on the rise in Indonesia, Nippon Express will continue enhancing its network for halal logistics services that supports the supply chains of customers expanding into the Muslim market, reflecting its ongoing commitment to offering safety and peace of mind to its Muslim customers.

Halal logistics certifications in Indonesia:

1. April 2018 – PT Nippon Express Indonesia received halal certification from LLPOM-MUI (transport/storage for air cargo forwarding)

2. June 2018 – PT Nittsu Lemo Indonesia Logistik received halal certification from LLPOM-MUI (transport/storage for ocean cargo forwarding)

3. July 2018 – NEX Logistics Indonesia’s Deltamas Logistics Center received halal certification from LLPOM-MUI (warehouse storage)

4. July 2020 – NEX Logistics Indonesia’s Bekasi Logistics Center received halal certification from LLPOM-MUI (warehouse storage)

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