No Ban, but Import from China Tightly Selected

In anticipating the potential entry and spread of coronavirus, Indonesia’s government will adopt a chary and selective stance in receiving imported goods from China, especially foods and beverages.

However, for instance, the government would not take policy to ban the import, but to tightly select the import food and beverage, Ministry of Trade had said.

“Overall, (our) exports (to China) are not affected. However, we must exercise caution, particularly in importing foods and beverages (from China),” Minister Agus Supartmanto said as quoted by Antara.

The government could not suddenly halt the imports of foods and beverages from China since the move will harm the interests of importers that have inked contracts with Chinese exporters, he pointed out.

Hence, all parties should ponder over a good solution despite a slight decline in import value, he noted.

“Of course, we must take precautionary measure over the matter. At least, those who have ordered will surely think of how to reduce their imports now,” the minister stated.

Chinese authorities declared the first case of coronavirus after a person, with pneumonia, was hospitalized in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, according to an official statement of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Until this week, death toll from the coronavirus outbreak increased to 213, with a total of 9,066 people testing positive for the infection while 12,167 others suspected of being infected. 

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