Relating Revision of PM/53/2018, IMLOW: Safe Container Is Owners’ Responsibility

In responding the plan to revise the Ministry Regulation PM 53/2018, Indonesian Maritime Transportation and Logistic Watch (IMLOW) gives a note relating maters of a safe containers or any requirements addressed to this transport vehicles, saying the matter is fully on the container owners’ responsibility.

The matter relating safe containers and verified gross mass of container (VGM) are included in PM/53/2018.

IMLOW General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tento underlines that in line with Government Regulation (PP) No 51/2002 on Shipping, a matter of safe container is owners’ responsibility. He also noted that according to the law and regulation, there is no difference between domestic and international containers.

Beside regulated by the PP, the matter of safe container has also included in the President Decree (Keppres) 33/1989 on the ratification of International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC). The shipping bill UU 17/2008 also clearly regulates the matter.

“So, any cost posted from the matter of safe containers should be under the owners’ responsibility,” Ridwan said in a press release today, Monday, February 3, in responding the plan to revise the regulation.

The PM/53/2018, in which it regulates the matter relating safe containers and verified gross mass of container (VGM), is planned to be revised.

Ridwan noted that revision should clearly state who will be responsible to the costs posted from the matters. He explained that in the maritime industry, there are two terms of Carrier Owned Container (COC) and Shipper Owned Container (SOC).

Hence, he said, IMLOW would supervise the revision of the PM 53/2018. Moreover, Indonesia has ratified the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).

“Referring to the regulations, it is so clear who will be responsible to the matter of safe containers,” Ridwan said.

Quoting the PP 51/2002 on shipping, Ridwan noted that it is the container owners who are responsible. The article 102 of the PP, according to Ridwan, clearly says that the container owners are responsible with and guarantee the container safety, both during storage and usage.

As the report says, the Directorate General of Sea Transportation has initiated to revise the PM/53/2018 in which it regulates the matter relating safe containers and verified gross mass of container (VGM).

The revision is meant to find similar perception and understanding on the implementation of the regulation.

The Ministry of Transportation claimed that the revision of this PM 53/2018 is meant to all articles within the regulation can be implemented by related parties recently did activities of survey.

Head of Sub-division of Vessel Design and Stability at the Directorate Syaiful said that this revised regulation (Permenhub) is expected to regulate the mater of safe containers and VGM.


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