Wintermar Expects a Higher Contribution from Overseas Contracts

Sugiman Layanto, Wintermar Managing Director

Indonesia public listed shipping company PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk is looking for overseas contracts this year in view of promising market at foreign countries and to maintain its market growth last year.

Last year the company enjoyed a 44.06% contract increase, but mostly contributed by domestic works. “This year, the overseas market is more profitable,” said Wintermar Offshore Marine Corporate Secretary Pek Swan Layanto as quoted by Kontan.

According to the company report, in 2019 Wintermar total contract reached US$85 million, increasing from US$ 59 million in 2018.

Of the contract value in 2018, the overseas market contributed around 30%, totalling of contracts with Brunei, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Thailand. “We hope, its contribution will be higher,” Pek Swan said, but refused to name the real target.

Wintermar is optimistic that the market, both domestic and overseas, will be better this year in view of national political stability and stability of world’s oil price.

“We see sustainable activities of oil drilling, both domestic and overseas. We hope this will help us to get more contracts in offshore shipping both from domestic and overseas. We hope this will support to increase utility of our fleets,” he said.

Pek Swan explained that last year, utility of Wintermar fleets was over 65%. “Hopefully, this year will be higher,” he said.

Though eyeing overseas market, but contribution of domestic contracts will still be the main income sources for this company. By the end of last year (November 2019), Wintermar got contracts 2 Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) to a major oil and gas company for a total of 7 years including options.

Wintermar signed agreements on November 2019 to provide 2 PSVs to provide deck and cargo supply runs to support the drilling operations of a major oil and gas company in Eastern Indonesia.

Sugiman Layanto, Managing Director of PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk ever said that said with extensive experiences, Wintermar is always ready to be a marine partner for any projects of in the country and overseas.

“With our long experience in offshore deep-water drilling campaigns since 2011, we are confident to be able to meet the high standards required by our clients from both domestic and overseas,” Sugiman, who is also Chairman of Indonesia National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) said.

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