DFI Logistics, Promedik MoU on An Integrated Logistics

Indonesia’s public listed leading logistics and freight forwarding company PT Dewata Freight International Tbk/DFI Logistics (Perseroan) has just signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with national pharmacy company PT Promosindo Medika (Promedik) on an integrated logistics business. This is a very strategic cooperation in distribution of pharmacy products and health equipment.

The MoU was signed by the top rank executives of the two parties, President Director of DFI Logistics Bimada and President Director of Promedik Agus Kaharuddin on Wednesday, January 27, at Promedik Office.

The MoU remains a basis of synergy for the two parties in building communication, discussion, sharing information, and doing analysis to prepare, plan, and realize a strategic cooperation in an integrated logistics service. The integrated logistics means that the cooperation will cover many aspects in logistics system, including dry and cold storages, bonded logistics centre, freight forwarding, transportation, and distribution.

“This MoU is very crucial and strategic in developing and expanding our business,” commends Bimada.

Bimada explained that this MoU was the initial step to identify the customers’ need in managing logistics activities to be more efficient and effective.

Bimada said that import pharmacy, chemical medicine products, and traditional medicine products had been growing up significantly in the last several months. He said, in October 2020, total values of these products reached USD 65.89 billion.

“This is a very potential market for our company, of course. Building an integrated logistics is an effort to catch this potency,” he said.

Bimada further explained that this MoU was also an opportunity for DFI Logistics’ subsidiary company of PT Arrow Chain Management Logistics (ACML) in developing business of cold chain transportation, distribution, and storage/warehouse.

“This will become and new source income for the company (ACML) and the holding (DFI Logistics),” he said.

Echoing this, PT DFI Logistics Tbk Corporate Secretary Nur Hasanah added that this MoU remained a milestone for the corporate to start expansion to pharmacy and health equipment industry. He said, the company was recently taking focus on handling cargoes of for infrastructure projects, cargoes for power plant, and delivery of heavy equipment.

Hasanah explained that as impact of economy slow down due to the pandemic, the corporate sale values in third quarter last year (3Q2020), was down 26% YoY, with DER 1.63X.

But the corporate is so optimistic with the market growth of 2021. Hasanah said, the company targeted a 300% sale increase in 2021. The company also set up capital expenditure (Capex) of Rp 100 billion, which would be allocated to build cold chain infrastructure, bonded logistics centre, and logistics mining.

“The fund for Capex will be sourced from loans from bank and non-bank as well as from corporate internal cash,” he said.

Promedik, a subsidiary of PT Indofarma Global Medika, was established 2007. At the beginning, Promedik was set up to market the products of Ethical Indofarma. In addition to handing permit as a marketing company, Promedik has also hold a permit as a pharmacy big seller (PBF) and a health equipment big seller (PBAK).

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