Logistics Players Applaud Commitment of No SOEs Monopoly in Vaccine Distribution

Indonesia’s logistics business players applaud the government commitment to involve private sectors in distributing the vaccine of Covid-19, giving them works amid the pandemic and helping a faster delivery to the vaccine end users.

This is in respond to the recent statement of Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir saying that distribution of Covid-19 vaccine would not be monopolized by Ministry of Health nor the state-owned enterprises. 

Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association (ALFI/ILFA) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi is so thankful for this, saying this signals the government strong commitment to for a better and faster distribution of the vaccine to the end users (community). 

“In addition, this declares the government clear commitment to involve private companies to take active participation in vaccine distribution,” he said, adding that this would make the distribution process faster, safer, more transparent, and more professional. 

Yukki also explained that ALFI/ILFA has proposed intensive cooperation in distributing this Covid-19 vaccine. The ALFI proposal, he said, was meant to help the government in making a better and more detailed distribution model. 

“The vaccine distribution needs a very special, very detailed, and very compete process of distribution. Hence, it calls for a distributor with an extensive experience in doing distribution,” Yukki said. He guarantees that logistics companies will run it not only for the sake of business profit, but further as a social responsibility to end this pandemic. 

Since there is a big need for vaccination, while on the other hand it also requires for a faster distribution, a tighter cooperation among any stakeholder is very crucial, according to Yukki. “That is why we call for a tighter and comprehensive cooperation among all stakeholders, including central government, local government, and private sectors, of course,” he said.

“The cooperation should be done under an open and transparent mechanism, of course,” he said further. 

And if national logistics and forwarding companies are involved in this vaccine distribution, Yukki suggests the government to jointly set up the distribution scheme and mechanism, improve logistics infrastructure and distribution system. 

For example, Yukki said, the government must appoint some big cities as the hub for vaccine distribution. These hubs will be responsible to distribute the vaccine to some smaller points or regions. And then, the vaccine will be distributed to any beneficiaries, including the hospitals. 

He disagreed the distribution and stocking process via some Health Department of 34 Provinces throughout the country since they do not have adequate facilities and infrastructure for this vaccine treatment.

Earlier, on a recent (January 20, 2021) hearing with House of Representative (DPR) Commission VI on Health Affairs, Erick Thohir explained that private companies, in addition to state owned companies, would be involved in distributing the Covid-19 vaccines. 

“It is not possible that the distribution will be monopolized by Ministry of Health of State-Owned Companies. We will involve the private companies to take part in the vaccine distribution,” he said. 

But, he warned the private companies not to make it as a business that would give them much business profit. “This is not for business,” he reminded.

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