ALFI Appreciates NLE and Efforts of SOEs Minister for Covid-19 Vaccine Readiness

Businesses, including transportation and logistics sector, are still facing a deep pressure due to coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak. Business players, including logistics and forwarding players, have actually delivered their expectation for accelerating the economy recovery to the government.

The government, especially Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir has been so proactive in finding the vaccine. This effort is meant to stop this pandemic, so the economy can recover. Erick, was currently also acting as Chairman of Committee for Covid-19 Resolve and National Economy Recovery Treatment (KPCPEN).

Chairman of Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders (ALFI/ILFA) Chapter Jakarta (DKI Jakarta) Adil Karim admitted that the business in Jakarta, including the sector of logistics and forwarding, was also under pressure during the pandemic. Further, DKI Jakarta again took large scale social distancing (PSBB) policy.

Adil appreciates the effort of SOEs Minister Erick Thohir on any strategies to provide covid-19 vaccine. The availability of Covid-19 vaccine, he said, was needed not only by the community, but also for business sector.

Adil also noted that the implementation of National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE) is the best solution in creating efficiency in logistics both during and after the pandemic.

“To be honest, we have to appreciate the government, especially the Minister of BUMN (SOEs) Thohir on his proactive effect for the covid-19 vaccine provision. We hope this (vaccine readiness) will be realized, thus giving certainty to business.”

“On the other hand, the commitment of related ministries and institutions to adopt and implement NLE is also good news to logistics players. We appreciate it very much,” Adil said in press release statement today, Wednesday, September 30.

As a business player, Adil admitted the effort of BUMN Minister who was currently also acting as Chairman of Committee for Covid-19 Resolve and National Economy Recovery Treatment (KPCPEN).

“The pandemic is still going on. This is a big challenge for us. Moreover, the Indonesia is threatened with economy recession as the economy growth was negative in second quarter and surely in third quarter. Hence, the availability of the vaccine is awaited very much both by the community and business players,” Adil said.

During this pandemic, Adil said the government was trying to provide the Covid-19 vaccine and finally the program of NLE can run, thus supporting the economy recovery.

Earlier, Erick had stated that as many as 30 million doses of vaccine would be ready by the end of this year. This is good news for community and business players.

Erick earlier said that the vaccine would be provided under a cooperation with China’s pharmacy company Sinovac. The clinic trial for this vaccine has been passed the third phase. Wisnu also saluted with the national pharmacy company PT Bio Farma (Persero) of its commitment to produce more than 250 million doses of vaccine per annum.

“This is absolutely good news for business. This will accelerate the national economy recovery. Hopefully, all parties will support this government program,” Adil said.

NLE Support

Adil explained that from the beginning ALFI has been actively involving in supporting NLE that the government launched. This program can overcome any logistics challenges in the future.

“NLE is a key way toward Indonesia as one of the leading economy countries in the world,” he said.

NLE is a system collaboration harmonizing any export import procedures thus creating an efficiency. NLE is also about streamlining the flow of goods and flow of documents since the cargoes arrive at the sea port/airports until they are delivered to the warehouses.

“All can be processed by digital and create easiness for any business players, both in domestic distribution and export import,” Adil said.


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