Early 2021, MNP Progress Reaches 63.75%

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) until January 5, 2021 has completed 63.75% of the progress of the Makassar New Port (MNP) development in the advanced stage of 2019 – 2022.

President Director of PT Pelindo IV, Prasetyadi said that in total the construction of the New Makassar Port will be completed around the end of 2022.

According to him, even though last year his party was also surrounded by the Covid-19 Pandemic which is still continuing today, the Company is still accelerating the development of MNP so that the work can be completed according to the set target.

“Phase 1 A has been completed and operational since early November 2018. Then it will speed up Phase 1 B and 1 C,” he explained.

Meanwhile, PT Pelindo IV’s Senior Manager of Port Facilities, Arwin said, the activities carried out in the advanced stage of MNP development 2019 – 2022 to January 5, 2021, namely, bore pile and secant pile, production of precast concrete and install precast concrete.

PT Pelindo IV built MNP Phase 1 B and 1 C with an investment of IDR 2.8 trillion.

The presence of this mega project is to integrate hub ports, especially in the Eastern Region of Indonesia (KTI), where the IB and IC stages whose construction is currently underway each have a dock length of 330 meters and 350 meters.

Meanwhile, the south side of the IC Phase, which is currently being built at the same time, has a length of 600 meters, so that the total capacity of Phase I is estimated to reach 2.4 million to 2.6 million TEUs per year.

In the ID phase, a 310 meter long pier will also be built. Pelindo IV will also build an industrial area in MNP to create a healthy investment ecosystem, especially in South Sulawesi and KTI in general.

The industrial area that is built will be integrated with a port, so that MNP will become one of the ports for an integrated port, where the port and the industrial area will merge.

Pelindo IV Managing Director Prasetyadi added that his party will also move all loading and unloading activities that have been carried out at the Makassar Container Terminal (TPM) to MNP.

But according to him, the transfer will be carried out in stages and wait for MNP to be completed in its entirety. “So the transfer will be carried out in stages, adjusted to the readiness of the MNP,” he explained.

Loading and unloading at MNP continues to increase

Meanwhile, during the last Christmas and New Year holidays, the Company noted that the service of loading and unloading goods at the new port, which will become the largest port in KTI, continued to increase by 17% compared to the same period in the previous year.

General Manager (GM) of PT Pelindo IV Makassar New Port Branch, Edy Nursewan said, even though it was still during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the flow of loading and unloading of goods and operational ship services at MNP did not experience significant disruption.

“We are always ready to provide services for 1 x 24 hours and 7 days a week,” he said.

Even Edy admitted that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the loading and unloading service operations at MNP had actually increased compared to the previous year.

According to him, the Covid-19 Pandemic did not really affect the loading and unloading performance at MNP. “However, we still apply the Covid-19 prevention health protocol as recommended by the Government, especially for officers in the field,” he said.

Until now, he said, all the equipment in MNP was in a performing condition . “Starting from the container crane , RTG, Head Truck and chassis , including Human Resources (HR),” said Edy.

On average every month his party serves 30 ship calls . “The ships that enter carry out loading and unloading of basic necessities, as well as goods for construction.”

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