EPI Diversifies Business, Handling Fresh Water Supply at Priok Port

Port energy supplier PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia (EPI) will expand business services through handling fresh water supply at Tanjung Priok after getting contract from Pelindo Branch Tanjung Priok.

EPI will begin to run fresh water supply at the port on October 17 and will replace former supplier Metito that will end its 15 years contract with the port at the same day.

EPI is a JV company between state port operator PT Pelindo 2 and state electricity company PLN in supplying electric at the port. But, since Pelindo merge early this month (October 1) and following the establishment of four Pelindo sub-holdings, EPI will become subsidiary of Pelindo Jasa Maritim (PJM).

“Beginning Sunday, October 17, we will operate all facilities of fresh water supply at Tanjung Priok. We will handle fresh water supply, from production until distribution to end users and billing process as well,” EPI President Director Immanuddin told reporters today (October 14).

EPI will continue to operate and manage all facilities built and operated by Metito. Metito has built water supply facilities under BOT (build, operate, transfer) framework for 15 years.

“After doing assessment, surveyor (Surveyor Indonesia) has concluded that these facilities are feasible. So, for a while, we will continue to run these facilities both in water production and distribution to users,” Immanuddin said.

“We will maintain the existing tariff as charged by former supplier and referring to the decision of Pelindo Branch Tanjung Priok Management,” he said further.

According to Immanuddin, its new business in fresh water supply will help to increase the corporate potential revenue by 30-40%. “This will significantly increase our revenue and net profit, of course,” he said but refused telling the real numbers.

Some EPI direction boards also joint the media gathering, including Commercial and Operation Director Rameidi, Finance and HRD Director Try Djunaidy, and Corporate Secretary Indrianisari.

Bigger Potencies After Merger

Imanuddin affirmed that the merge of four Pelindos (Pelindo 1-4) to Pelindo will create big potencies for EPI as it can get more works from other ports nationwide. “Surely, it (merger) gives us more opportunities. It gives opportunities, but also challenges,” Immanuddin said.

Moreover, EPI has transformed itself to ‘utilities company’, meaning that it has developed itself from its core business of energy supply to the port to other works in any port services.

“Now, here we are. We have expanded to fresh water supply works. We are also eyeing works in waste treatment at the port,” he said.

In addition, following the merger, Immanuddin affirmed that it would be very possible to EPI to expand service to other ports nationwide. “It is very probable as far as, in view of business, it is feasible,” he said.

Among the ports, Kijing Terminal in West Kalimantan is now on target for EPI expansion. EPI is eyeing to handle electricity and fresh water supply at this new terminal in West Kalimantan.

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