Impact of Pandemic to Multipurpose Terminals and Operators’ Overview for This Year

The pandemic Covid-19 outbreak has totally hit the economy activities, resulting in the drop of trade volume last year (2020). The pandemic pushed the global economy into the worst recession since. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), global economy was contracted by 3.5% (grew with minus 3.5%) last year. The pandemic forced a lock down in any activities, causing a significant drop in trade volume.

The drop of trade activity along the year of 2020 resulted in the drop of port activities, massively took place from March until August 2020, though by the end of the year (November-December), there was a trend in of productivity increase. But, in general, the pandemic has forced ports worldwide to experience a yearly volume drop.

Indonesia’s ports and terminals, including the ones operated by PT. PTP Multipurpose Terminal, a subsidiary of state port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC, was also impacted by the global trade drop. But, some key strategies of strengthening existing resources, optimizing the existing captive market, innovation both in operation model and services, penetration to new market (non-captive) have helped this company from a deeply impact.

Though there were a drop in volume and revenue, but overall, PTP can passed this very tough and challenging year without any substantial impact to the company performance. The corporate running normal without any action of staff lay-off, thanks to the corporate appropriate strategy.

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