ISAA Appreciates Press Role in Promoting Harmonization in Sea Transportation Business

Indonesia Shipping Agencies’ Association (ISAA) sends high appreciation to the press that has played key role in providing objective information relating the sea transportation business (potency), saying its key and strategic role through objective reporting and publication helps to educate the community in understanding this industry, including the activities and services provided by shipping agencies.

In addition, ISAA appreciates that the press has also proven its key role in promoting a fair play business among stakeholders.

ISAA Chairman Juswandi Kristanto noted that the press has proven its key role in socializing any government regulation relating shipping (agencies) sector to community and business players on one hand, and amplifying or bridging any expectations from business players (shipping agencies) on the other hand. In addition, the press has also helped to introduce the shipping and shipping agencies business and the agencies’ activities and services to the community. 

“We highly appreciate the press as it has been playing key role in providing objectives information relating the sea transportation business, especially our business and services in shipping agencies. We also appreciate as the press has helped to socialize any government regulations, including regulations relating shipping agencies business and services,” Juswandi said in press statement for ‘Press Day (HPN) 2021’ event on Tuesday, February 9.

As an archipelagic country, building a strong maritime industry is a must, according to Juswandi. Any parties, he said, can play each role to support it (maritime industry) and to realize the government program of ‘sea toll’ and vision to be the ‘world maritime axis’.

The press, he said, can play key role in socializing and amplifying these programs to the community and can bridge what the business players expectation to the government.  

Juswandi expects the press to keep its strategic position “We hope the press can sustain this position, to socialize any government regulation and bridge the expectation of any stakeholders, especially in realizing our maritime industry target,” he said.

The ‘Press Day (HPN) 2021’ event was celebrated differently from earlier years due to the pandemic. On his remark speech virtually from the Palace, President Joko Widodo appreciated the press key role on educating the community, especially on the health protocols during the pandemic. 

“I appreciate it very much for the press that has been continuing to educate the community on the health protocols.” Mr. President said. 

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