KPI Opposes Kemenaker’s Recommendation on Seafarer Passport

Indonesia Seafarers’ Union (KPI) is opposing the regulation of Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) to compulsorily attach recommendation from the ministry on the seafarer’s passport.

This regulation, according to KPI, actually creates a longer bureaucratic process for those who want to apply jobs at international shipping routes, in addition to the fact that the process has not involved elements of the seafarers’ union (KPI).

“We have never been invited to discuss this. This kind of regulation actually adds to the complexity of the bureaucracy for seafarers,” KPI President Mathias Tambing told the press today, (Tuesday, June 8), in responding the protest of seafarers member of KPI on this regulation throughout the country.

In fact, he said, matters relating to the regulation and technical guidance of Indonesian Seafarers have so far been the authority of Ministry of Transportation, while it has been carried out well by the Ministry of Transportation.

“KPI assesses that the regulation made by the Ministry of Manpower is actually contrary to the government’s program in an effort to employ more seafarers to work at foreign-flagged ships that running international routes,” he said.

Therefore, KPI urges the Minister of Manpower to revoke Circular Letter (SE) No: 3/4/PK.02.02/V/2021 concerning Issuance of Passport Recommendations for Seafarers.

In the SE, it is stated that all Provincial and City District Offices throughout Indonesia who are in charge of employment should continue to provide service on Passport Recommendation Letter for Prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers as Crews (seafarers) who will work on foreign-flagged ships with conditions.

Passport recommendations can only be issued to individual crew members or ship crews placed by the Indonesia Crewing Companies (P3MI) or Manning Agents who already have a Business License for Recruitment and Placement of Crews.

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