KPI Urges to Announce Owners of Fake Seafarer Certificate to Public

Mathias Tambing, KPI President

Indonesia Seafarers Union (KPI) is asking for announcing to public the owners or the ones holding the fake seafarer certificates to public. This is such as a punishment to both, the seafarers themselves and their employers (shipping lines), thus finally preserving trust from global community to Indonesia.

“Just announce them to public, all those who are holding such fake certificates. This is so important to give them such a kind of deterrent effect, both to the seafarers and their employers (shipping lines),” KPI President Mathias Tambing said in press release statement to Indonesia Shipping Gazette yesterday, (Thursday, June 26, 2020).

KPI really appreciates on investigative achievements of Indonesia’s law enforcing institutions, especially Indonesian police, as they have successfully revealed this unexpected criminal practice. KPI asks all findings from the investigations should be announced to public.

He said, this practice has been deteriorating the image of Indonesian seafarers, and will potentially make Indonesia seafarers loose competitiveness and opportunity in global employment.

And, unfortunately, some vessel crew agents are still accommodating with those face certificate in crew recruitment.

“This is absolutely a criminal practice and we are totally so regretful with it. We warned those who are by intention to take part in this practice to stop it,” Mathias noted.

Hence, KPI is urging all those who are proven being involved in this practice, including seafarers, those issuing the face certificate, employers, and others indicated to take part, should be punished according to the applicable law and regulation in Indonesia.

Mathias also reminded all seafarers colleagues not take such an easy way to get jobs on board.

“It will also become a kind of lesson learned for both crew recruiting companies and shipping lines if we can announce this to public,” he added.

As the report has said, the Jakarta Police (Polda Metro Jaya) has arrested as many as 11 suspects who are involved in this syndicate. They were arrested as they did illegal access (hacking) to the official website of the Ministry of Transportation.

Police Head of Polda Metro Jaya Inspector General (Irjen) Nana Sudjana explained that the syndicate had been running this practice for three years, from 2018 to April 2020. He named the initials of the 11 suspects including DT, IJ, JA, SP, SH, ST, IS, GJM, RR, RAS and RA. They were caught at North Jakarta, Riau, and Bogor.

“There are as many as 5,041 fake certificates in total. The syndicate collected as much as Rp 20 billion from selling these fake certificates,” Nana told reporters.

The police explained the syndicates’ modus operandi, in which they offered provision of fake certificate to those who want to work as seafarers.

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