EPI’ STS Power Service Expected to Support Green Port, Create Fuel Efficiency

The service of shore to ship (STS) power (electricity) distribution of Eco Power PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia (EPI) is expected to support the port to go green (green port) and to create efficiency in shipping fuel consumption.

PT EPI (Eco Power), a subsidiary of state port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC with service focus on supply of electricity at any port activities, has just launched shore to ship (STS) power (electricity) distribution at Tanjung Priok Port on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

This STS is a supply of electricity from EPI’s power plant (supply) to a ship. This electricity supply is expected to help a vessel engine works during berthing at the port, thus minimizing fuel (marine fuel) consumption during berthing.

On this launching, this STS service was supplied electricity to Meratus containership – Meratus Jayapura Vessel.

On his remark speech for this STS launching, EPI President Director Imanuddin said that this service remained the EPI’s commitment to support the program of green port while on the other hand this was expected to cut marine fuel consumption.

“This is our commitment to support the green port. This STS will minimize the air pollution from engine’s fuel burning during a vessel berthing at the port. This minimize noises from vessel engine,” said Imanuddin.

In addition, according to Imanuddin, this will create cost efficiency of shipping company. “We expect this will cut the shipping companies fuel cost by 15-30%. In addition, this will give time for vessel engine to do maintenance,” he said.

For first phase, EPI had procured two convertors, meaning that EPI can provide this service for two vessels simultaneously. “Let us see how the shipping lines response. We are ready to procure more convertors if demand will increase,” he said.

IPC Vice President Director Hambra appreciates this EPI’s new service, saying the parent company IPC will support for this service expansion in the future. Hambra also expects all shipping lines to optimize this EPI’s service to support their operational cost efficiency.

“We are ready to provide this service at any of our branch ports. We hope the shipping lines can optimize this service, both to support green port and to cut their fuel cost as well,” Hambra said.

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