IMLOW Supports Harbour Master’s Initiation for Immediate Solution of Plastic Waste Containers

Indonesia Maritime, Logistics and Transportation Watch (IMLOW) hails the Tanjung Priok Harbour Master on planning to again do coordination on handling thousands of containers carrying import plastic waste suspected containing hazardous and toxic substances (B3) now still being arrested at Tanjung Priok Port.

(IMLOW) General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tentowi said the coordination should involve any related stakeholders including Ministry of Environment (KLHK), Importers, Police Crime Department (Bareskrim), KSO Secofindo & Surveyor Indonesia (SCISI), Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), and operators of temporary freight station (TPS).

“IMLOW is totally supporting Syahbandar Priok (Tanjung Priok Harbour Master) as those imports are illegal. They are not plastics that are allowed to be imported,” Ridwan said in a statement to Indonesia Shipping Gazette this morning (Wednesday, October 21).

Ridwan noted that those containers carrying import plastic waste suspected containing hazardous and toxic substances (B3) being arrested at the port will endanger to damage the environment and threaten the program of eco port of Tanjung Priok. Moreover, those containers have stayed at the port for a very long time, more than 16 months, spreading at some TPS of this Indonesia’s leading port.

“Potencies of container leak will totally endanger the environment. The waste of Dangerous Goods (DG) will potentially cause fire. This needs a fast solution. Moreover, our shipping bill of UU No 17/2008 has clearly stated the points relating the protection of environment, including the port zone,” he said.

Hence, he urged the Tanjung Priok Harbour Master to conduct special meeting to tackle and overcome this problem soon.

“Invite all TPS operators at this port, especially those that get impacts from this problem. This meeting is expected to update information on the exiting condition of those containers. This is to prevent any probable threats to environment,” Ridwan said.

Earlier, Tanjung Priok Harbour Master said that it would try to do coordination with related institutions to find solution for those containers.

Tanjung Priok Harbour Master Wisnu Handoko earlier said that it would soon do coordination with Customs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Trade, and some other related institutions.

“The meeting is expected to get solution, weather they (containers) should be re-exported or be demolished,” Wisnu said.

He noted that it was impossible for those containers to stay longer at the port. Hence, immediate solution is needed.

Earlier, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) had urged customs authority to release thousands of import containers carrying plastic waste from Tanjung Priok.

KADIN Vice Chairman for Trade Benny Sutrisno said such request remains a recommendation of a meeting among stakeholders and related associations on Monday, December 23rd last year (2019). In addition to other issues, solution for those containers that were still being arrested, was on a top discussion agenda.

Kadin also worried those containers caused a business uncertainty and disturbed the activities at the port that handled more than 65% of Indonesia’s international trade. Furthermore, Tanjung Priok is a barometer of Indonesia economy.

“After being released from the port, the KLHK can do check to make sure which ones are contaminated with B3 and which ones are not,” said Benny.

According to Kadin, this step is so urgent, thus not disturbing any activities at the port.

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