IMLOW Urges Hubla to Investigate Activities of Tug and Barge at TNUK Banten

Indonesian Maritime, Transportation. and Logistic Watch (IMLOW) is urging the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (Hubla) to tightly do inspection on the activities of tug and barge around the Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) at Banten Province.

Quoting data and information from Banten Islands and Bay Watch (LP3B) IMLOW indicates that there were many tug and barges carrying coal supplied from other islands outside Java passing through waters around TNUK. The coal is supplied to the facilities of coal fired power plant (PLTU) within the area.

The activities, according to IMLOW General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tento, are potentially creating maritime pollution, mostly coming from aground tug and barges due to bad weather.

“Even, according to LP3B Banten this area has become a place for scrap metal selling and buying transaction from those aground tug and barges,” said Ridwan.

TNUK is a protected area for Javanese rhino, a protected animal by 26 countries.

In addition, those activities are indicated to against the Indonesia shipping bill UU 17/2008 and Government Regulation PP No 21/2010 on maritime environment protection.

“Hence, we urge the Ditjen Hubla (Directorate General of Sea Transportation) to do investigation over those tug and barge activities,” Ridwan said.

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