Indonesia Will Begin to Adopt the Use of ERB on Preventing Pollution on Board in October

Photo: Capt Sudiono, Director for Marine Safety and Seafarer

Beginning October 1, 2020, all vessels, both state flags and foreign flags that sailing in Indonesia’s waters, can use the electronic record books (ERB), to replace the paper one, on reporting any vessel activities relating preventing pollution, following the issuance of circular letter from the Directorate General of Sea Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation.

Dated March 20, 2020, Directorate General of Sea Transportation issued a circular letter No SE. 10/2020 on the use of electronic records books on preventing pollution on board.

Director for Marine Safety and Seafarer at the Directorate Capt. Sudiono said that this policy is in line with the spirit to utilize any information technology (IT) application in any services. It is also meant to minimize physical contact in document clearance.

“Nowadays, we have to optimize the use of IT application in any activities, including in shipping. This electronic record book is expected to make easier for vessel crew to report their activities in preventing pollution on board,” said Sudiono.

He said all Indonesian flag vessels that adopt the ERB should get approval from Directorate General of Sea Transportation in line with the IMO Resolution on Marine Environment Protection Committee MEPC.312(74) Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Record Books under MARPOL.

“In view of this, Directorate General of Sea Transportation has instructed all UPT (execution units) to socialize this policy to any related stakeholders within their authorized regions,” said Sudiono.

The ERB on preventing pollution on board includes Oil Record Book part 1 and 2, Cargo Record Book, Garbage Record Book, and Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book.

In addition, the ERB also covers Recording of the Tier and on/off Status of Marine Diesel Engines, Record of Fuel Oil Changeover, and Record Book of Engine Parameters.

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