New Pelindo IV President Director: Short-Term Target and Business Players Expectation

Prasetyadi, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV (doc. ipc)

Business players and port users say welcome to the new state port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV President Director Prasetyadi, hoping him to bring more innovation in creating a more efficient transportation and logistics business within the country. In special, since Pelindo IV operates ports of eastern part of the country, innovation is needed to cut cost disparity.

As reported, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) has just appointed Prasetyadi, former Operation Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II/IPC, to chair as President Director of Pelindo IV.

Decree of SOEs No: SK-113/MBU/04/2020, dated April 13, 2020, named Prasetyadi as President Director (replacing former President Director Farid Padang), Choirul Anwar as Finance Director (replacing Yon Irawan now as Finance Director of Pelindo II), and I Made Herdianta Gautama as Director of Business Transformation and Development (replacing Tony Hajar Andenoworih).

Other former direction boards are still on their position, including Prakosa Hadi Takariyanto as Engineering Director, Riman S. Duyo as Operation and Commercial Director, and M. Asyhari as Human Resources Director.

Talking to Indonesia Shipping Gazette, Prasetyadi explained his short-term target, saying three main focuses, including improving operational through optimizing the information and technology system (IT), improvement of equipment reliability, and financial capability (cash flow).

“Thanks to the Ministry (SOEs Ministry) of trusting us to run this company. We also appreciate any supports from any stakeholders, including shipping lines, forwarders, port users, and any related-business stakeholders,” Prasetyadi said.

Relating the new direction board short-term target, he said: “We will focus to improve the operational through optimizing the use of IT system. We are optimistic the through optimizing the IT, the operational will be more efficient. In addition, we will focus to make the equipment reliability better, and of course, a better cash flow (financial), of course,” Prasetyadi told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

Stakeholders’ Expectation

Business players’ associations – the two biggest associations of the port users INSA (Indonesia National Shipowners Association) and ALFI/ILFA (Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association) say welcome and show a positive sentiment to the new direction boards, but noted some works that should be immediately taken.

INSA Chairwoman Carmelita Hartoto welcomes Prasetyadi as the new President Director, saying optimism to make Pelindo IV to become better in view of his wide experience in port operation and management.

Carmelita Hartoto, INSA Chairwoman (doc. insa)

“He has wide experience in management and port operation in particular. With his past experience as operation director in PT Pelindo II/IPC and in some key position in Pelindo III, we think that he is very capable to make Pelindo IV be better,” Carmelita told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

“We totally support him,” she said, hoping the port services especially relating to shipping, will come better over all the ports under Pelindo IV management.

ALFI Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi also sent appreciation and say welcome to the new direction board, but noted some works that need acceleration.

Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi, ALFI Chairman

Yukki noted that the new direction boards of Pelindo IV would face so many challenges that need innovative strategies for acceleration in doing breakthrough. He said, Pelindo IV coverage area is so wider, compared to other Pelindo, with so many ports it will be handle.

“Pelindo IV coverage area is wider than other Pelindo of I. II, and III. Furthermore, its coverage zone is Eastern Indonesia with so many acute problems in high cost of transportation and high disparity in goods price. It calls for innovation,” he said.

In addition, in line with the government program of sea toll, most of which are addressed to open isolated areas in eastern part of the country, Pelindo IV should play key role to make the program success.

“All of us understand that this sea toll program is meant mostly to open isolated areas in East Indonesia. Involvement and high participation of Pelindo IV is so important to make this program success. This is another challenge for the new direction board of Pelindo IV,” he said.

But, Yukki also noted the good opportunities from those challenges, including the business opportunity for opening more direct calls from Pelindo IV’s leading port Makassar and some other ports that are probable for opening direct calls. “Makassar has opened direct calls, so has Kariangau in Balikpapan. This is a very good opportunity for encouraging more and more direct calls,” he said.

In brief, Yukki encourages the new direction board to support the realization of logistics ecosystem. The port as one key aspect in total supply chain, he said, can play key role. ALFI, he said, is ready to build cooperation to realize the vision.

“DPW ALFI (ALFI regional chapters) throughout East Indonesia regions are waiting for the new direction boards’ breakthrough. All DPW are ready to support any new innovative programs for making the business more efficient and to realize the vision of business (logistics) ecosystem,” he said.

Echoing the view. Chairman of ALFI Sulselbar (ALFI Chapter of South and West Sulawesi) Syaifuddin Syahrudi expects the new direction board to continue building innovation, creativity, and human resources improvement. These aspects, according to Syaifuddin (Ipho) are needed in building the ports competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Syaifuddin Syahrudi, Chairman of ALFI Sulselbar

“We all are responsible to build logistics and distribution more efficient. We need innovation from the new direction boards especially for distribution in East Indonesia,” he said.

Ipho also expects to keep a better communication between port users and Pelindo IV that has been built earlier. “Surely, we have built a very good communication with former direction boards. We say thanks to Farid Padang (former President Director). We hope this good communication will continue,” he said.

He said, ALFI has built a very good partnership with Pelindo. “So, welcome new direction boards of Pelindo IV. ALFI Sulselbar is ready for partnership in making our logistics more efficient,” he said.

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