Helping Mostly Affected Group from Pandemic, JICT CSR to Focus on Health and Education

Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) have been providing various of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs with the existing beneficiaries are those who are mostly affected by the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, the community in North Jakarta in particular.

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak that has come to the second year, the JICT CRR programs for this year and next year (2021 and 2022) will continue to focus on health and education, the management has said.

After doing mapping of North Jakarta community economy, JICT found that decreased income of low-income families due to pandemic has increased the number of children with poor nutrition. In view of this, JICT initiated a program of ‘Stop Stunting’ by providing nutrition to children under five in North Jakarta. In the first phase, JICT collaborated with the Association of Indonesian Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in the North Jakarta for more than 400 under five years children.

“We totally care with Indonesia’s young generation, especially the children in North Jakarta, the ones which are very closed to us,” said JICT President Director Ade Hartono.

“Good nutrition will help children to build their optimal cognitive abilities and stronger physical conditions. So that they are more empowered in shaping a brighter future,” Ade Hartono further explained.

Along with the program of ‘Stop Stunting’, JICT is also actively campaigning and providing assistance to various institutions in vaccination activities for communities around the port.

In addition, for education, JICT opened a new program namely ‘Logistics For Youth’ in several SMKs (vocational high school) of JICT’s Green Dock Schools. The assistance provided was in the form of renovating the Computer and Language Lab, and increasing the knowledge of vocational students related to logistics as a provision to work.

“It’s time for the young generation to be introduced to the knowledge of logistics. SMK (Vocational School) Tanjung Priok opens its first class on a new teaching and we are very happy to support it. The hope this program will create extraordinary generation, ready to work in the logistics industry,” said Ade.

JICT also opens online and offline classes with strict health protocols for drop-out students, so that they get a certificate according to the package they take.

“This is good for children in North Jakarta to continue their education to the next level. More than 30% of dropouts in Koja and Tanjung Priok have received certificates. We even added a curriculum to improve work-ready skills,” said Ade.

Awarded several times as a company with the best CSR program, JICT makes community social assistance at the forefront of achieving the company’s goals. The social investment in the community development can support the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Indonesia.

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