2020, IPC Disbursed Rp 39.59 Bln for CSR, Environment Development

New Normal Kit from IPC Tanjung Priok branch


Last year, state port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)/IPC disbursed as much as Rp. 39.59 billion (audited) for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment Development Programs.

Of the total, as much as Rp. 12.81 billion was allocated for CSR programs of Empowerment and Fostering of Underprivileged Communities, Development or Construction of Facilities, Environment and Nature Conservation, Education or Training, Sports and Arts Activities, Community and Religious Social Activities, Health Improvement and others.

Meanwhile, the allocation for Community Development Program was amounted to Rp26.78 billion. These were distributed to programs of BUMN Care, Natural Disasters, Education and Training, Health Improvement, Development of Public Infrastructure and Facilities, Worship Facilities, Nature Conservation, Poverty Alleviation and others.

“As a corporation, not only does it have a social responsibility, it also pushes the economic growth, particularly, beyond this difficult time; IPC always tries to realize the spirit of “BUMN For Indonesia” by giving contributions and support to communities,” said Ari Santoso, EVP Secretariat of IPC Company.

During 2020, IPC focused on CSR program and Environment Development on three pillars in education, environment and health. The three pillars were outlined in several programs like IPC Champions Scholarship, IPC Love Champion Primary School, New Normal Kits Distribution on IPC’s Anniversary, IPC Free Groceries Distribution, Qurban Distribution of IPC, Anti-Drugs Socialization, and IPC Love Children Eyes.

One of IPC’s flagship programs is IPC Love Champion Primary School. With the fund valued at Rp 905 million in 2020, hope this can help the government to give basic education rights and lessen the education inequality in the community around the port.

IPC Love Champion Primary School in North Jakarta is the Favourite School for 140 students from dhuafa families and orphanages located in Kebon Bawang Village, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. This school was founded and has been funded fully by IPC since 2011, and it is synergized with Zakat House in Education Program through a fund aid program for school operation.

The help given by IPC was facilitating grade 6 school examination using Google Suite for Education account on parents’ smartphone’s application for one week in May 2020. Moreover, the North Jakarta IPC Love Champion Primary School conducted home visits by the teachers to each student’s house to know the students’ progress and attitudes at home personally,” said Ari.

New Normal Kit from IPC Pontianak branch

7,500 New Normal Kits 

The IPC, through IPC Care Program. distributed more than 7.500 New Normal Kits with a total value of more than Rp. 560 million throughout its 12 branches. The activity was conducted as a form of IPC’s effort to suppress the spread of Covid-19 virus in public.

The New Normal Kits contain hand sanitizer, face masks, eating and drinking utensils were given to truck drivers, cleaning services, dockers, and all stakeholders around the port during the period of March and April 2021.

“Being aware to fight against the Covid-19 virus needs to be done continuously; and as a business player, IPC joined up to take a role. Besides prioritizing the smoothness of logistic flow services in Indonesia, assisting the government to go through the difficult time is also our primary commitment. By the commencement of vaccination, we expect the Covid-19 will soon end,” said Ari Santoso.

Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, IPC has continued to take various countermeasures and concerns to the community around the port. Among them are the distribution of more than 60 thousand non-medic face masks for stakeholders, the port community, truck drivers, and dockers in all IPC branches, the distribution of 30 thousand e-voucher groceries for the community, and dockers. IPC synergized with two other state-owned corporates in providing 80 thousand Personal Protective Equipment for medical personnel.

New Normal Kit from IPC Panjang branch


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