Hundreds of Documents Unprocessed, GINSI Urges Customs to Immediately Restore CEISA System

Indonesia Importers’ Association GINSI is urging the Customs Authority to immediately restore Customs-Excise Information System and Automation (CEISA) as hundreds of import document are unprocessed yet since last week.

GINSI Head for Logistics and Transportation Division Erwin Taufan explained that the CEISA has been in trouble for five days, causing delay in export import document process, both via airport and seaport nationwide. This also causes higher logistics cost, added Taufan.

“There are many complaints and reports from importers member of GINSI. Their import documents cannot be processed and have stalled as CEISA system is disrupted for five days. Imports are still stalled, though they have submitted documents from Thursday last week, imports must still be stalled,” Taufan said in press statement this morning (Tuesday, July 13).

Therefore, he added, GINSI was urging the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) to immediately find solution. Moreover, these alike incidents often occur.

“Until this morning, I heard that the export documents have started to be served manually, but the import documents have not yet. This totally disrupts the planning of importers (importing companies). This totally makes importers suffer much. We suffer hundreds of billions as we have to pay for additional costs for storage, demurage and others costs at the port,” he said.

Taufan emphasized that before upgrading the CEISA system to the latest 4.0 model, the customs should earlier prepare its the backup system, so that when trouble occurs it does not interfere with the entire import-export business process.

“Moreover, the system is connected to the import export service system at other relevant agencies. If you are not ready to upgrade the CEISA system, don’t force it,” he explained.

Taufan asserted, disruptions to the CIESA system caused a trouble. Customs services such as submission of import goods documents (PIB), billing, processing of Goods Release Approval Letters (SPPB), export service notes (NPE) could not be processed online.

“If you are served manually and have to come to the counter, it’s the same as creating a crowd. Even though currently Emergency PPKM is still being applied,” he said.

Information from the CEISA Command Centre states that due to the ongoing process of transferring data from DC to DRC which still takes longer time, the application cannot be accessed until the data transfer process is complete.

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