JICT Innovates Berth Safety System, Launches Moveable Lifebuoy Platform

Indonesia’s leading container terminal – Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) – continues to improve safety through innovation in safety system. The launching of moveable lifebuoy platform this week (Wednesday, May 19) has proved it.

As the largest international container loading and unloading port in Indonesia, JICT is committed to continuously improving services while ensuring the safety and security of dockers. The safety of front liners (dockers) working rightly at the berth for serving activities of mooring, berthing, and container loading/unloading is on the top priority.

Likewise, the Jakarta International Container Terminal remains one of the busiest terminals at Tanjung Priok with the highest level of loading and unloading activities. Even, with its operational productivity reaching 80%, JICT is the busiest terminal.

But, the risk of accident potentially occurs with such high productivity. Hence, JICT does some innovation to anticipate any probable accidents both at the berth side and container yard.

The use of lifebuoy, – a safety device used for rescue in water at the time of the incident during berthing, anchoring and loading and unloading activities at the pier – is common at ports. But, provision of an additional lifebuoy with a different platform of moveable lifebuoy may be the first for Indonesian’s ports. The moveable lifebuoy is prepared for ship mooring and dockers who are on duty when the ship is docked and anchored at JICT.

Currently, JICT has launched 10 moveable lifebuoys to anticipate work accidents at JICT’s berths, in addition to existing lifebuoys that have been provided at each QCC.

How will this moveable lifebuoy work? According to the its SOP, one moveable lifebuoy will be placed at each bow and stern of the ship. The rotary lights will be turned on at night and the siren will sound if there is a safety and security disturbance in loading and unloading activities. This will greatly make it easier for workers to carry out rescue activities more quickly and efficiently if an incident occurs.

High Commitment for Safety

Commending this new safety system innovation, JICT President Director said JICT this very committed to the safety of workers, especially dockers who are on duty to serve vessel berthing.

“We are continuously holding safety awareness training for all employees and are more focused on the operational section which has a high risk to work safety,” s said Ade Hartono.

In addition to providing a set of Personal Protection Tools, according to Ade, K3 training and routine checks of work preparation and equipment, JICT also continues to carry out a work safety culture campaign within the company for both the workers at lane 1 and 2 workers.

The moveable lifebuoy was officially launched by Tanjung Priok Harbour Master Capt Wisnu Handoko at the North Pier of JICT Terminal, witnessed by representatives of other container terminals.

Currently JICT is the most efficient container terminal in Indonesia. During the pandemic, JICT’s handling speed, measured by Gross Crane Ratio, reached 28.4 movements per hour. Its north dock quay was even higher, reaching 30 moves per hour. JICT is controlling 42% market share at Tanjung Priok port.

Other Terminals Expected to Adopt It

Wisnu Handoko appreciates this JICT innovation, while expecting other terminals at this Indonesia’s trade gateway to adopt this safety system.

“Building awareness on safety aspect is crucial since any works at the port are high risk. Hence, we appreciate very much with this JICT safety system innovation by installing this moveable lifebuoy,” Wisnu said on his remark speech for this moveable lifebuoy launching.

Wisnu expects other terminals at this port to adopt this safety system.

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