JICT Dockers Rally Action in Front of President Palace

Jakarta International Container Terminal Dockers Union (SP JICT) continued their rally action. Titled ‘Gerakan Pengembalian Aset Bangsa JICT’ – bring back the JICT asset for the dockers’ justice -, today, January 14, they did rally action in front of the President Palace.

Earlier, they also did it in front of the House of Representative (DPR) Office and the Office of Ministry of State Owned Company as well.

During today action, all the participating dockers continued their action with tools of black umbrella as a symbol of the dead of justice for the dockers.

The action voiced some key issues they addressed to the President, including, first, President has to further order an investigation for any corruption in any port operation and development as recommended by the state auditor, BPK. According to the BPK audit, the state potential loss from the port operation and investment has reached trillions Rupiah.

Second, President has to order for an investigation in the contract extension of JICT and TPK Koja, the two leading terminals in Indonesia’s export import. The two terminals contract with Hong Kong Hutchison Port Holding (HPH) would end this year, but the state port operator Pelindo II/IPC has declared for a contract extension.

Referring to the BPK audit conclusion, SP JICT stated that the extension contract has broken the law and regulation due to absence of concession permit from the authority, no tender process, and without corporate planning (RJPP-RKAP) and nor commissioners’ approval (RUPS).

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