JICT Conflict: No Politics, Purely a Legal Problem

*Dock Workers Rally Action in front of KPK, Tuesday, December 18

Jakarta International Container Terminal Union SPJICT underlined that any critics and rally actions on protesting the contract extension of JICT and TPK Koja is purely a legal issue, not politics. This is in responding the statement from JICT management saying that the union actions are allegedly political.

SPJICT general secretary M Firmansyah said this in responding the statement said by JICT Vice President Director Riza Erivan published by some online media.

Labor Union of Jakarta International Container Terminal (SPJICT), supported by other unions representing port and transportation sector in Indonesia, started a rally action in front of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) and in front of the office of Ministry of State Owned Companies (BUMN) for one month (beginning today, December 17), on protesting the contract extension of Hutchison Port Holding (Hong Kong) in the two leading container terminals in Tanjung Priok – the JICT and TPK Koja.

In responding those actions, management of JICT criticized it, saying those actions are unconstructive, not professional, useless, and creating a bad image to the corporate.

“We support 100% of the union existence. But, we don’t expect them to do this,” said Riza as quoted by some national online media.

Riza misdoubts this actions are purely because of the extension contract cases, but due to other things, including the plan of management to fire three JICT staffs who took illegal levies.

But, the union encountered it, underlining that is purely a legal issue since this contract has created trillions of rupiah loss to state income.

Firmansyah further explained that their critics are based on the audit results by the state auditor (BPK) and indications that the extension contracts have broken the national laws and regulations, including Shipping Law No 17/2008, Ministry Decree PerMen BUMN Per-01/MBU/2011 on GCG, PerMen BUMN No PER-06/MBU/2011, and Permen BUMN Per-15/MBU/2012.

Firmansyah disagreed with Riza who said that this will create a bad image to the corporate and disturb the investment climate to the state. “I think it is not like that. Our action will not disturb the investment climate, but we bring message that law enforcement must be done to give legal certainty to investors,” he noted.

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